Sharing The Blog Love – Part 1

So today’s post is the first of an occasional series where I’ll share some of my favourite blogs with you.

When I first started out blogging (waaaayyyy back in 2008), almost every blog I visited had a blogroll of the blogger’s favourite sites, but this seems not to be the case any more – indeed, my own blogroll page has been ‘under construction’ for longer than I care to remember.

 Leanne over at Broke in the Big Smoke recently did a series about some of her favourite blogs (and I was one of them – thanks so much, Leanne, mwah!), and I thought that this is a nice way to share some great blogs and, at the risk of sounding like a bit of a hippy, spread the love, so to speak.

Much as I love the plethora of blogs out there by 20- and 30- somethings, my favourite blogs are those written by people in their 40s (like me) and older. I guess you just resonate with your peers more.

So I was delighted when an old work colleague from way back when, Glynis (who has been my top commenter for the last few years – thanks, G!), decided to start her own blog recently – primarily a book blog, but branching out into other things as well. You’ll find her at

The Sunny Bookworm

Glynis is retired and lives in Spain, is an avid reader like myself, and has an opinion about just about everything.  Please go and visit – she’s feeling a bit dispirited about her lack of comments so far.

* * *

The second blog I want to share with you today is my lovely friend Teresa, who writes at


I first came across Teresa when we were partnered up in a blog swap aeons ago, and have been a huge fan of her blog ever since. Teresa works at Selfridges (honestly, that’s the sort of job dreams are made of). She’s something rather important there, and works some very long hours, but also finds time do lots of fabulous things in London and blog about them, along with beautiful pictures. Her current 5 In New York series is keeping me gripped as well, as well as the lovely pics she shares on Instagram of her cute kittens, Darcy and Fitz.

* * *

Finally, today, another of my favourite reads is Fiona over at

Made in A Muddle

Fiona’s dry sense of humour is very similar to my own, and it’s rare that I read one of her posts without having a little giggle.

Like me, Fiona’s a huge fan of second hand shopping, and regularly shares her charity shop and jumble sale finds in her blog. She’s also a bit of a crafter,, a vintage fan, and spent many years flying round the world as an air stewardess, and wrote a fabulous post a while back with pictures of her various uniforms over the years.

* * *

Do go and visit these three lovely ladies, and if you have a second before you go, in the comments I would love to know what your favourite blogs are to visit – I could do with some new finds for my reading list.




10 thoughts on “Sharing The Blog Love – Part 1

  1. Oh Thankyou Caroline… you have completely brightened my day… hope is lovely down in the south for you today. I am off to read your other blog reads x Teresa x

  2. Hi Caroline! Thanks for the shout out on these lovely ladies, I’ll be taking a look! I’ve been having a bit of trouble opening a wordpress account to access your car booty one, so I’m working on sorting it out very soon xx

  3. Ohh, I’ll take a look at those! My favourite places at the mo are Style Crone, Vintage Vixen, sopastcaring, charity shop chic and Helga von Trollop, all the famous blogs then! If I want to feel truly inadequate, I’ll pop over to Attic24, where she does lovely things with wool and a crochet hook! Whilst looking for a foodie blog, I came across one from someone I used to know on a chicken forum, she is now vegan and making me think about what I put in my body a little more, can’t be bad! She is Naturalveganecomom. If I fancy a laugh I read christianshens, also someone I know elsewhere online.

  4. Thanks so much Caroline, I am hugely flattered that you mentioned my blog…. and pleased that it gives you a giggle.
    Off to check out your other recommendations now.

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