My Life In Instagram

A few snippets from the last couple of weeks …



Still crocheting snowflakes.


And squares for a big blanket for William’s bed.


Rare selfie with the teenager.  Although he tells me I’m not allowed to use the word ‘selfie’ on account of my age.


Gorgeous sky over Exeter.


Made this framed poster (frame from Next, £16)  for a shelf in my dressing room, so I can display my shoes!


Booked myself a few days in Spain to visit Mum & Dad at the end of June.


New ballet flats from M&S – love the colour and super-comfy after only a few hours of wearing in.


Will and Ashley wanted to go camping on Good Friday, but as Ashley had to work on Saturday morning, they settled for the next best thing – putting up the tent and having a BBQ in the garden!


Snaffled this vintage 1970s crochet booklet from Mum at the weekend – quite fancy having a try at some of the shawl patterns, though I think I’ll give all that full-on fringing a miss.


Super school report – very proud of my boy.


8 thoughts on “My Life In Instagram

  1. I too got told off by the 16 year old for using the word ‘selfie’ last week! I assured her it was because I am ‘hip.’ Apparently that is a big no no too! Amazed at your crocheting! And beautiful selfie regardless of the word!!

  2. A good collection of photos – including the selfie!! An excellent school report – you of course get some of the credit!

    Typepad has some major problems at the moment, so my blog is not available – hopefull it will be sorted out soon!

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