Ahhhh, Springtime!

For the last two days, other than a brief trip to the supermarket, I have been at home the whole time.  I’m delighted to report that my hideous cold (that’ll teach me to brag that I haven’t had a cold all winter, won’t it?) has finally cleared up, and today has been a whirlwind of productivity around the house.

The last two days have also been absolutely beautiful, weather-wise.  In the absence of anything interesting to say, therefore, this post mostly consists of a few photos I snapped around the garden this afternoon.

Photo 15-04-2014 15 06 12




Photo 15-04-2014 15 04 12





Photo 15-04-2014 15 06 33

Photo 15-04-2014 15 06 44


6 thoughts on “Ahhhh, Springtime!

  1. enjoy the weather! Your garden looks fabulous. As the comment above states – you have more in bloom than us over here. We still need moisture to make the grass turn green again after winter. My allergies are so so bad though that it must be a sign of things blooming soon. Over here they say not to plant new things in the garden until after US Mother’s Day (mid May) – in case of frost. It snowed again just this week so you never know.
    Are you planning on changing the garden at all this summer?

    • My hay fever’s been awful as well. Have been admiring the sunshine from indoors, mostly, so as not to set it off. No plans (other than keeping it tidy) for the garden this year, we’re working on indoors this summer. Neither of us are great (or keen) gardeners, so other than taking down a few trees we don’t like (the fir trees directly in front of the house), I think we’ll keep it pretty much as it is.

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