Gadget Show Surprise!

gadget-show-live-normalOne of Will’s favourite programmes on TV is The Gadget Show, and I secretly quite enjoy it, too.  So when I saw that the Gadget Show Live was taking place at the NEC in Birmingham during the Easter holidays, I decided to get tickets and have a day out and spend some quality time with my teenage boy, who’s growing up so fast.

We went up to Birmingham on the train, which meant an early start yesterday morning, but the journey seemed to speed by fairly quickly and we arrived at the NEC by midday.  We spent a few hours looking around the various stands and seeing all sorts of technical wizardry, and then in the afternoon we had tickets for the live show in the Super Theatre.  I hadn’t been to the Super Theatre before and was amazed by the size and scale of it – there were thousands upon thousands of people there.

Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the show on TV, but each week they give away a big prize of a huge pile of gadgets, a prize that Will always covets and comments on.  So the live show began, with all the presenters from the TV show, and they announced that just like on the TV, they would be giving away a prize at the end of the live show – a big pile of tech worth £3.5k.

In order to enter, they gave us a number to text your name to at the beginning of the show, and Will and I both text in his name.

The show itself was a 10 year retrospective of the Gadget Show as it was their 10th birthday, interspersed with some great entertainment and all sorts of techy amazement.  And all throughout the show, each time one of the presenters came onto the stage, they’d bring out another gadget for the prize and add it to the pile around a sort of throne at the side of the stage.

At the end of the show, they announced that the big prize winner’s name would come up on the three huge screens above the stage, and a drumroll ensued while all the entrants’ names flashed up on the screen for 30 seconds or so.  And then it went quiet, and the winner’s name came up ….. AND IT WAS WILLIAM!!!!!!!!

We literally couldn’t believe it – we jumped out of our seats and screamed the place down.  Will was then called onto the stage, where he was made to sit in the throne and crowned by Rachel Riley from Countdown, as the ‘King of the Gadget Show Live’, and presented with his huge pile of prizes.


All I could think about was how on earth we were going to carry it all home on the train with us! (It’s OK, it gets delivered to us in the next couple of weeks apparently).

It was literally one of the most exciting moments in my life – I was so happy for Will, and just couldn’t believe his luck.  As you can imagine, we were both on a high for the rest of the day, and during the long journey home we just kept looking at each other and grinning madly!

His prizes include a much-lusted-after XBox One, a 55 inch Sony TV, and a Microsoft Surface.  The lucky devil.

And I was very proud when, after debating whether or not to buy himself some crisps for the journey home, he decided against it and put his last £2 into a charity collector’s box at the railway station and said to me ‘I’ve been so lucky today, that I wanted to give my money to charity rather than buy something for myself’.



15 thoughts on “Gadget Show Surprise!

  1. That is soooo cool. You’ll never forget it – either of you! I would also have been a bit worried about how to get it all home! What a super memory. I have never seen the show.
    The fact he put his money in the charity box says a lot – brilliant move on his part.

  2. Hi Caroline-wow what an amazing day out, I am so chuffed for you and William and what a thoughtful and kind gesture at the end too with donating his crisps money! Without a doubt he will love his eagerly awaited package, good for him!! xx

    PS- can I have an invite for your car booty blog, my email is

  3. AMAZING! I’m so thrilled for you both. What a wonderful day out together and of course what an extra special way to end it.
    The last part of the post was so lovely to read too, well done you!
    Lisa x

  4. How absolutely fabulous!! And well done to Will, giving his last £2 to charity. Did you read about the teenager who was given a packet of crisps by a shopkeeper he had just made a delivery to ….. so he bought a scratchcard with his £1, and won £100,000!!!

  5. Going out of your way to spend time with Will doing something he would enjoy was one of those selfless mother acts that could make even a teenager think he has the best mom ever. And I would wager that the turn the story took with the win makes every kid in his school think you are the best mom ever too! 🙂 What a sweet boy. What a good mom.

  6. How amazing – my husband sitting next to me and hearing me exclaim ‘Wow!’ is super jealous! What a lovely thought and gesture on your way home. Good luck definitely finds its way back to kind people. x

  7. How fantastic, I haven’t seen the show and I don’t know what most of those gadgets do but it must have been so exciting. What a kind boy to donate his crisps money.

  8. Brilliant stuff! It’s nice to know these things do go to real people. So, how did you get it all home on the train?? How lovely of him to stick his pound coins in a charity box too, passing the good karma on.

  9. That is brilliant I’m so pleased for Will and you – what an amazing moment and memory for you both, I can just imagine your faces. So pleased to hear of people I know winning prizes (my friend just one of those Debenhams beauty surveys, win everything you voted for things) as it gives you confidence in entering.


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