Sunday Car Booty – On The Move!

For various reasons, I have decided to blog my Sunday Car Booty posts elsewhere from now on.  This blog will still be the home of the majority of my posts, but the new home of Sunday Car Booty will be

It is a semi-private blog, open to invited users only, so if you’d like to continue to view my second hand shopping and car boot purchases, please leave me a comment on this post and I’ll send you an ‘invitation’ by email.  Once you’ve received the invitation, you’ll be able to access the new blog freely from then on.  One more thing, if you don’t have a blog address and I don’t ‘know’ you, just include a line or two introducing yourself in your comment, if you’d be so kind.

Do hope everybody’s had a lovely weekend.  Mine has been great – except for the dreadful weather!

See you soon x


35 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty – On The Move!

  1. Avid carbooter myself and the first blog I visit each Sunday is of course. Sunday Carbooty which I really enjoy,Those bargains you find,I never seem to do as well myself.No blog of my own as yet but would love to continue reading yours

  2. It’s asking me to set up a WordPress account. I have a google ‘blog’ am I able to sign in with that ? Sorry I’m not the best at IT

  3. Hi, oh I do like your car booty posts the most. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and enjoy coming back here regularly but I’m more of a lurker and don’t have my own blog either. I would love to be included if you’ll let me ’cause I enjoy seeing your fab findings every Sunday!

  4. Me too please – I don’t have a blog either – my life is not quite as exciting as yours!! I love reading about your boot bargains…..

  5. Hello Caroline
    Another one here who really enjoys your car boot ‘loot’ – you’re the only blogger I read who manages to find treasures in the shoe dept lol
    Hope to hear from you

  6. Yes please. i love seeing your purchases and the amazing deals you get. I also miss the ‘most optimistic seller’ quotes where people want outrageous sums for their goods!!

  7. Your car booty finds inspire me, but also make me envious nothing like many of your items around here, just tip rejects but I still trawl around and hope. No blog of mine, but I really enjoy yours.

  8. Yup, sign me up please, Caroline. Seeing as boot sales are a right-off in the east Bristol area, I have to get my boot sale ‘kicks’ vicariously through your finds these days. Ah, happy Essex Sunday boot sale memories – how I do miss them.

  9. Hi Caroline im still an avid reader ,but alas dont have my own blog but would very much appreciate the invitation to carry on reading Lynn.

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