An Evening Away

Last week Ashley and I went with my parents and my brother and his wife for a night away in Somerset.  As my Dad remarked afterwards, much as we love the kids, it was really nice to spend time just the six of us, and a good time was had by all.

We met up in Sherborne for lunch at a pub Ashley and I had been to before, The White Hart.  We got there first,  so I had a chance to have a quick look in a charity shop or two, and us girls were hoping to do a spot more shopping after lunch, but sadly that was vetoed by the menfolk!


Don’t know what had amused everybody, but clearly there was some thing funny going on!



After a nice lunch, off we drove out into the countryside to the little village of Corton Denham, which was very pretty with all the spring flowers out.  We were staying at The Queens Arms, which I’d describe as a posh pub-and-restaurant-with-rooms.

Photo 27-03-2014 14 29 04

After being shown to our rooms, which were nicely decorated and had very comfy beds (but with no plug socket anywhere near a mirror, so a nightmare if you wanted to dry your hair – grrr!),  we immediately repaired, as is our wont, to the bar for drinks!

We took advantage of a brief gap between showers to have a walk up to the village church (unlocked, so we could go in – unusual these days), and even managed to catch a few sunny moments in my pics.

Photo 27-03-2014 15 22 04

Photo 27-03-2014 15 19 07 (1)



Photo 27-03-2014 15 22 17

Then it was back to our rooms to relax and get ready for dinner – an epic two hour nap in Ashley’s case, complete with snoring, while I read my book!

Pre-dinner drinks in the bar, and I chose a Bloody Mary, which was the house special, and was served in a jar with a handle.

Photo 27-03-2014 18 55 41

Delicious, but very hot (fresh horseradish), and not for the faint-hearted.

Dinner was in a lovely and atmospheric dining room, and was a seven course tasting menu.  It wasn’t the best food in the world, and some courses were better than others, but it didn’t really matter as the ambience and service were great, and as always, we all had a great evening together.




Each course had a matching glass of wine with it, and after all seven courses, as you can imagine, we rolled off to bed feeling extremely replete.

I was quite surprised not to wake up with a thick head the following morning, but I felt fine, and we all enjoyed a hearty breakfast before driving home.

So, if you ever find yourself on the Dorset/Somerset border needing somewhere to eat or stay, you could do a lot worse than The Queen’s Arms at Corton Denham!


11 thoughts on “An Evening Away

  1. Nice. I don’t think that you can beat the English countryside in the Spring. Ox cheek. Yuck. It is served on every bar menu here in Spain and I dislike it immensely. Sorry.

  2. Thank you for your message, it wasn’t meant to be portrayed like that, I honestly meant for it to be paraphrased and credited, I popped it up far to quickly before it was really even finished. I have to admit to having a bit of a panic moment due to not having posted in a couple of days, and just whacked something up from my drafts list. All that aside thank you for picking it up and I have immediately removed it.

    On a more positive note I have had a good read of your blog which is lovely and something which I probably normally wouldn’t have normally stumbled upon.

    Love Sophie

    Sorry for contacting you through here, I just couldn’t find another way of doing it.

    • Thanks, Sophie, for taking the time to get back to me. I had a friend who had a post she’d written (complete with photo) used by somebody else without permission once, and it really upset her, so it’s a subject that is close to my heart. But we all make mistakes, and yours was obviously a genuine error so no harm done in this case. Thanks again – Caroline x

  3. I’ve been to this pub Caroline (Corton Denham) on the way home from Cornwall. We only stopped in for lunch as it had been recommended, it was very pleasant but rather poncy for my liking. The village is extremely picturesque tho, like something out of a Thomas Hardy novel.

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