What I’m Reading

After rashly promising a book post last week, you’ll no doubt have noticed that I failed to deliver – my apologies, I was out there having myself a life!

So, better late than never, this is what I’m reading at the moment:


It’s a review copy for Lovereading, and it centres around a girl called Jenni who is a ghostwriter and who has a dark secret in her past.  She is struggling with her relationship with her partner due to her refusal to have children, when an opportunity comes up to spend some time in Cornwall ghostwriting the wartime memoirs of a Dutch lady.

I’m less than a quarter of the way in, but I’m enjoying it very much, and hope the rest of the story lives up to the beginning.

The book I’ve just finished is this:



Diane Chamberlain is probably my favourite author if I was pushed to choose one, and after a couple of disappointments (to me), she is absolutely back on form with this brilliant novel about the eugenics programme (compulsory sterilisation) which, unbelievably, was legal in North Carolina until the 1970s.  You learn something new every day.

Highly recommended.  I gave it 9.5/10.

My next read will probably be this one, which I picked up from the library this morning:



I’m a big fan of Adele Parks, and this historical novel sounds as though it’s a departure from her usual style, so I’m looking forward to reading something a bit different from her.

So, what have you been reading recently?  Anything good, bad or indifferent?  I’d love to know.


9 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. I am still working my way through Game of Thrones. I’m not finding the time to sit down and read big chunks of it, so I keep losing the thread a little, plus there are so many characters involved (and new ones keep being introduced) that I am finding it quite confusing. I have actually resorted to watching the DVD of season 1 (just on the second episode) in the hope that it will help me to remember who is who!

  2. Been a bit disappointed recently in my reading. I bought Wish You Were Here by Mark Edwards after reading the excellent psychological thriller The Magpies and oh boy was it a let down lots of running around chasing a girlfriend who believed in alien abduction. Not recommended. I then read the new Colleen McCullough Bittersweet. Not as disappointing but it felt very old fashioned and stilted in the writing. Shame as it did have promise…..I feel that when you keep having to mention the flashing quality of a girl’s eyes you need to stop thinking you are Barbara Cartland!!

  3. I’m on the third Divergent book at the moment, not the most high brow of reading and getting a little bored now but want to finish it before seeing the film on Friday. I’m currently deciding on a book to take on my holidays with me. I’ve tried using my mum’s kindle but it’s just not for me!


  4. Yes I loved ‘Necessary Lies’ too – I didn’t think I would like it as I had expected a nowadays plot really. I had trouble too getting over the fact that forced sterilisation actually happened! I am finally reading ‘Apple Tree Yard’ by Louise Doughty which took me a good 120 pgs to get into but now I am hooked. Let me know how the Adele Parks works out because I normally like her!

  5. Just finished reading Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky which I thoroughly enjoyed, now reading a traveller’s tales about his adventures in France, so far so good. (25p chazza)

  6. I’m a great fan of crime thrillers & the one I’m currently reading is Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman. Most of my books are charity shop buys.

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