Vlog: Beauty – Empties

A little longer than I planned it, apologies for that.  Clearly I talk too much!


5 thoughts on “Vlog: Beauty – Empties

  1. Really weird five minutes ago I was talking with my friend about Protect and Perfect and I was saying that it was the only product that faded my dark spots. Don’t use it now as it has become too expensive.

    Bought a small tube of Clinique CC cream and I am impressed. Lovely finish and feels light for the summer.

    I did find the vlog a bit dark to view the products though.

  2. Love the vlogs. I paid way too much for some styling fiber gel at the salon when I got my hair chopped off recently. It works okay, but I tend to touch my hair a lot, and I hate the feel of this. Can’t wait till IT’S empty.

  3. Love the vlog (you have very good eyebrows btw). Dry shampoo is so not a hit here – never tried it. I will look for the Boots serum over here as we have a small range of it in Target stores. Love Aussie shampoo products – just bought one yesterday in fact!

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