Friends & Their Foibles

Well, the weekend seemed to whizz by, as ever.

How was yours?

Mine was pretty good – two late nights, rather a lot of socialising, plenty of good food and wine, and a very lazy Sunday – you may have noticed the lack of Sunday Car Booty yesterday morning.  Just couldn’t peel myself out of bed at the requisite hour, unfortunately.

We had friends over on Saturday night who we hadn’t seen since Christmas, and who have recently returned from a holiday to Cambodia, so it was lovely to catch up with them and hear all about their travels.

We did have a giggle at something they told us, though.

These particular friends are people that we met through some other friends and for many years we tended to socialise as a group of four couples.  More recently, the group has grown apart a bit – although we do all still see each other, it’s not always all together.

One of the couples, however, the wife in particular (we’ll call them J&G), has a problem with this, and if she finds out that Ashley and I have got together with any of the other couples without she and her husband being included, J feels left out and is a bit aggrieved by it.  So we tend to avoid telling her when we make plans with the others that she and her husband aren’t included in.   Not that I think there’s any harm in socialising with different people separately as well as together, but I don’t want to deliberately hurt somebody’s feelings.

Anyway, midway through dinner on Saturday, our guests said that they had something to tell us.  They’d bumped into G in the supermarket the previous weekend, and after chatting away for a few minutes, as they left, they said ‘Oh, I expect we’ll see you next Saturday at Caroline & Ashley’s house’, assuming that they were invited as well.  G looked a bit confused by this, and said ‘Oh, I didn’t know about that – J must’ve forgotten to tell me’.  And off they all went.


They didn’t realise, of course, that they’d made a faux pas, until they arrived at our house and saw the table set for four!!

* * *

My enthusiasm for feeding the birds continues unabated, and I spent a good portion of yesterday taking pics out of the kitchen window of various different birds I spotted.








All taken through glass, so not the best quality.

My bedroom ceilings are being plastered as we speak – not only did the plasterer turn up on time and on the right day, he also looks a bit like Brad Pitt, so it’s win/win really.  Result!  Never has a workman in my employ been so well plied with tea and coffee, let me tell you!

Right, with a to do list as long as my arm, I must be off.

Blog plans for this week include an Empties Vlog, and a book update, so I’ll see you again soon.


5 thoughts on “Friends & Their Foibles

  1. Oh you’ve made me chuckle… Nothing like a fit builder to get your weekday started!… Please send him my way when he’s finished!… Have a great week x

  2. Perhaps you’d be able to persuade ‘your’ workman to emigrate. I’m sure he’d be gainfully employed around here LOL
    Look forward to hearing what you’ve been reading

  3. Managing friends foibles can be a chore sometimes can’t it! I had a similar situation with a friend and her sister. I loved her sister, got on well with her but it was always a nightmare to have to include the sister in every one of plans.


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