Decorating Decisions

We’ve been in our new house for a couple of months now, and finally (painfully) the sale of the house we bought at the bottom of the chain to get things moving is coming to fruition.  Although we agreed a sale on it before we’d actually bought it – the joys of being married to an estate agent – the buyer then (against Ashley’s advice) chose some factory conveyancer as his solicitor, and they have held things up at every step of the way.  Our solicitor had to send the same letter (letter?  The legal profession seem to operate in the dark ages) three times before their side would admit to having received it.  Laughable, if it wasn’t costing us money in interest.  Anyway, I digress.

The sale of this property will mean that our finances will be on a more even keel and we have started to look at what to tackle first in our house.

It feels a bit daunting.  EVERYTHING needs doing.  From a new roof to new door handles, the whole lot will eventually have to be done.  Having said that, the house is perfectly liveable in the meantime, so it’s not as if we don’t have a nice place to live while we do the work.

So, starting small, but with something that will make a big difference, we are having the bedroom ceilings plastered to get rid of the hideous mid-80s artex and ceiling roses – eugh!  The plasterer’s starting Monday.

We’re also making a start on the non-kitchen end of the conservatory (don’t know if you remember it from my house tour – it’s a pretty big space, some of which is going to be a gym – but I wanted to have a seating area in there, too, and I really fancy a bright, tropical rainforest type feel.



New furniture is arriving on Friday; the paint is chosen and purchased; annoyingly the wallpaper I’ve ordered (parrots – what do you think?  A bit Marmite – love it or hate it, I’m guessing) for a feature wall is out of stock and won’t arrive until mid-April; I’m debating between real and fake plants (edging towards fake, as my skills at killing off anything green are legendary); and Ashley had to almost bodily drag me out of Dunelm Mill last weekend after a frenzy of cushion and throw buying.

I’m quite enjoying this bit, but I’m suspecting the fun’ll be somewhat lacking when it comes to replumbing and new central heating systems.  Yawn.


9 thoughts on “Decorating Decisions

  1. We have been in this house for 7 years, so it’s time to redecorate the first rooms we did. And, of course, once we finally get our holiday home in Berwick, I shall be going mad with a seaside theme!!

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