Sunday Car Booty

It was all about the shoes this morning.  Not a great selection of interesting stuff to buy, I have to say (again), but not a bad morning for shoes.



Clarks wedges £3, Heavenly Feet Red flats £2.50

IMG_2186Black ankle boots £1, Sergio Todzi wedges £1

IMG_2185Dash blouse and M&S Ltd Collection tunic dress, 50p each

IMG_2184Minuet jacket £1.50

IMG_2183Skechers flats £5.50, Clarks slippers £1

IMG_2182Jane Shilton slingbacks £1, Clarks red heels £4

Another beautiful sunny day here, I’m off to get on with cleaning up a pair of vintage 70s Pieff leather chairs that the previous owners of our house left in the conservatory when they moved, and I’ve discovered are worth a few quid.

Happy Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. looks like a good haul. The minuet jacket would look really nice over a black dress. Weather here is divine today. If I lived on the coast I would be sailing. perfect weather! Have a fab day

  2. Love all those red shoes. We didn’t go to our local one on Sunday, went to Chichester for a wander and found a car boot in a car park!
    Lisa x

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