A Bookish Meme

Favorite childhood book? I was really into horses as a child, so I loved the Jill’s Gymkhana books by Ruby Ferguson, and anything by the Pullein Thompson sisters.  My very favourite series was probably the Chalet School series, by Elinor M Brent-Dyer, which my mother introduced me to, having read them as a child herself, and I still have a real soft spot for them today.  I also remember reading and re-reading over again Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield.

What are you reading right now? The Silent Wife by ASA Harrison, which is compared to Gone Girl in some of the reviews.  Only just started, so haven’t yet formed an opinion.


What books do you have on request at the library?  

  • One Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon, which caught my eye because of the interesting premise – a woman going through changes in her life decides to get rid of everything she owns, keeping only 100 things.
  • Please Don’t Cry  by Jane Plume – I read an interview with this lady in the Sunday paper last week.  It’s a autobiographical book about how she took on the care of her best friend’s two children after she died.


Bad book habit? Buying books and never getting around to reading them. There will never be enough time for me to read all the books I want to read.  Sad but true.

What do you currently have checked out at the library? Jubilee by Shelley Harris, which I started but didn’t like.  The Long Weekend by Veronica Henry, which I enjoyed.  And The Winter Garden by Jane Thynne, which I haven’t yet got around to reading, is due back in a couple of days, and annoyingly can’t be renewed as there’s a reservation for it.  Bugger.


Do you have an e-reader? Yes, a Kindle Paperwhite.  I’m getting used to it, and it definitely has its advantages, but I can’t help thinking that it sucks the soul out of reading somehow.

Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once? One at a time usually, although occasionally I’ll flip between two different ones.  Usually if I’m struggling with one of them.

Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog? Not really.  My Amazon wishlist has got longer, though!!

Least favorite book you read this year (so far?) Reunion in Barsaloi by Corinne Hoffman.  The third in a trilogy, and there wasn’t really enough material for a whole book.  Felt like a lot of padding.


Favorite book you’ve read this year (so far)? The Personal History of Rachel Dupree by Ann Weisgarber.  It had been sitting on my bookshelf for literally years, and I picked it up, read it and loved it.


How often do you read out of your comfort zone? Last year I set myself a challenge to read two books from each of 13 genres, many of which (science fiction, fantasy, horror) were totally out of my comfort zone.  It was in interesting exercise, and I ended up reading some fabulous books that I really enjoyed and wouldn’t normally have given a second glance, but I also reinforced my hatred for science fiction in particular, and realized that I’m never going to be fan of ‘Young Adult’ fiction, too.

What is your reading comfort zone? Psychological thrillers are probably my favourite, family dramas, epics, sagas, a bit of chick lit, auto/biographies, historical fiction, the odd horror or two.

Can you read on the bus? Yes.  But I haven’t been on a bus in, literally, years.  Call me middle class.

Favorite place to read? Anywhere.  Last year I particularly enjoyed reading outside in the sunshine when we were camping on Dartmoor.

What is your policy on book lending? I used to be more precious about it, but these days I get rid of books once I’ve read them, so I pass them all on anyway.

Do you ever dog-ear books? No, and if  I come across library books which have the corners turned down, I literally feel myself getting worked up about it.

What makes you love a book? A great storyline, good pacing, interesting characters, unpredictability.

What will inspire you to recommend a book? I only recommend books to people whose reading habits I’m fairly familiar with.

Have you ever read a self-help book? Yes, a long time ago.  It didn’t.  Help, I mean.

How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews? Fine.  I’m allowed to have an opinion.  Although the author who left a comment on this post I wrote years ago about her book clearly didn’t think so.

How often have you returned book to the library unread? Far more often than I should have done.  See above!

Name a book that you could/would not finish. The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela is still sitting hopefully on my bedside table, nearly a year after I started it …

Long Walk to Freedom


5 thoughts on “A Bookish Meme

  1. Love this meme – will give it a try later today. I had to go back and read the results of the bad/negative review – lol, she certainly did get her knickers in a twist.

  2. The Secret Garden my favourite childhood book plus all the Famous Five.

    Have read The Silent Wife will wait to . Hear your thoughts on it.

    Do try The Magpies for a good psychological thriller.

    • I seem to remember saying you didn’t finish The Silent Wife, so I’m guessing it wasn’t your favourite! It’s OK so far (100 pages in), but not much happening, and certainly none of the ‘dark, menacing feeling’ they seem to think it has. Already added The Magpies to my Amazon wishlist after seeing your GR review.

  3. Love this! Really interesting – not just because I watch the books you read (not a stalker) but because of your reading out of your comfort zone etc. I have read so differently since I have started using the library…. still a sucker for British books though….

  4. What a great little meme, think I may just have to take part! I used to read a lot and then got out of the habit but since moving to London and joining a book club down here I’ve got back into it and have already read 9 books so far this year!

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