Friday Catch-Up

Another week over in a flash, and although I don’t seem to have stopped, I don’t feel as though I’ve achieved very much this week.

Snippets from my week:

Me: How was your day at Plymouth University, Will?
Will: Oh, ok ….
Me: And how did the Maths Challenge go?
Will: Well, our team came 23rd.
Me: Oh. Out of how many schools?
Will: 23.
Me: (fishing about for something supportive to say) Oh dear. Well, it could have been worse I suppose.
Will: It couldn’t really, Mum, could it?

* * *

A week of free things – first I had an email from the National Lottery saying as I hadn’t used my online account for ages, they were giving me a £2 free play, so I bought a ticket for tonight’s Euromillions.  I think all our lottery luck is probably used up for the moment, though, as we had two lines last weekend and matched three numbers on each, winning £50!

Second free thing was a card through the post from Sky offering me a free Box Office film, and hot on the heels of that, my Mum had a free Kindle book offer which she kindly passed onto me, and I bought Philomena, the book that the recent movie was based on.

* * *

Glorious sunshine, torrential rain, some hail, a bit of fog, frost one morning – the weather has run the full gamut this week.  Bring on the summer, I say.

* * *

It makes me sound ridiculously middle-aged (who am I actually trying to kid that I’m not, for God’s sake?) but I’ve had so much enjoyment from watching the birds feeding outside the kitchen window this week.  I even googled to find out what types some of them were.  We’ve never fed the birds before because our cats are such hunters, but the cats don’t ever go outside the front of the house here  – at least I haven’t seen either of them there – so I put some bird food out, and they have flocked to eat it.  The fat balls are the most popular – three gone since Sunday!

* * *

We’re off for a night away with friends to Dorset today.  A Travelzoo offer, which includes a five course tasting menu.  I will try and be a good blogger and remember to take lots of photos so I can writing an interesting and illustrated blog post when I get back, though I’ll probably fail.  A couple of glasses of wine into the evening and I always find I’m enjoying myself far too much to remember to take pictures …


Have a great weekend, everyone.


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