Jewellery Storage

Spring must be on its way.  Two reasons – firstly, this photo I took in the garden this morning …



And secondly, I’ve got that springtime sorting, organising, decluttering bug.  It hasn’t quite reached the stage of being desperate to spring clean (never does, if I’m honest!), but I have been reorganising little areas of my life, and one of the first was my jewellery.

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to costume jewellery, and I’ve had a really good sort out – single earrings and broken things have been chucked out, things I’ve gone off or don’t wear any more have been bagged up for the charity shop, and the rest has been sorted, separated and stored.

One thing I’m not short of in my new house is hanging space, so I started by hanging all my necklaces on coat hangers, evenly spaced so they’re easy to see.



For my earrings, I bought a double sided hanging pocket organiser (eBay, £4.50).



I absolutely love this thing – it makes it so easy to see what I’ve got and to keep things in pairs.  A vast improvement on chucking them all in a drawer which was what I’d been doing since we moved.

Bangles and bracelets are stored in my lovely wooden tree drawer unit, which I’ve had for years, and is made from a famous local tree which came down in a storm a long time ago.




The hanging storage slots nicely into one end of one of the wardrobes in the bedroom.




Right, next on my list is my underwear drawer.  I may be some time …



14 thoughts on “Jewellery Storage

  1. You found one then! They are so useful aren’t they. Spring does have that effect doesn’t it, nice to have a good declutter, room for new car boot finds now!
    Lisa x

  2. I want a tree drawer like that (we are great fans of all things wooden in this house!) What a good way of storing earrings – I am very guilty of wearing my gold hoops all the time, as I am too lazy to look for another pair.

  3. Ooh, that little drawer unit is just beautiful! Well done you for having a clear out, I’m doing the same at the moment, it’s very cathartic but difficult if you have to be ruthless!

  4. The little pockets on the plastic holder seem to be just the right size for earrings – good idea well used.
    Looks much easier to use and takes up less space than some of the plastic segmented storage boxes often sold as craft boxes. Need shelf space for them and as you have the hanging space just hanging there doing nothing well why not go with it 🙂

  5. Thought the blossom was gorgeous …. and then I saw the tree unit! Please can I put that pic on my ‘Dream Home’ pin board?

  6. Hi Caroline, thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment. I’ve had a quick look through your blog & would like to come back. I don’t know anything about wordpress so can you tell me how to become a follower please?

    • Hi Sally – thanks for visiting. If you have a look at my lefthand sidebar, there are three options for following – by email, on Bloglovin, or RSS – hopefully one of these will be OK for you. Hope to ‘see’ you again soon. x

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