February Movies

Well, that weekend just whizzed past, didn’t it?

Saturday was a beautiful day – I sat outside on the decking with a cup of coffee for ten minutes mid-morning, and it really felt as though Spring was here.  Yesterday, not so much.  More lashing rain and cold again.

I was up and dressed yesterday morning all ready for the car boot sale before I realised that it was pouring, so no chance of any Sunday bargains.  Instead I had a lovely quiet hour on the sofa catching up on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy with a cup of tea.  Car booting would have been better, though …

Anyway, as we’re already three days into March, it’s time for a look back at the films I watched in February – here goes.


1.   My Life Without Me – quirky film about a young woman who is told she only has a couple of months to live, and how she prepares her husband and two young daughters for life without her (without telling them she’s dying).  More uplifting than it sounds.  I enjoyed it.



2.   Insidious – ridiculous horror movie about a possessed young boy.  Apparently there’s a sequel.  I shan’t be bothering to watch it, I can tell you.



3.   Easy A – off-beat American high school comedy drama.  Much better than I anticipated – ended up really liking it.  The humour reminded me a bit of Juno.

Royal_Affair_Quad_FINAL_High Res-1

4.   A Royal Affair – absolutely loved this Danish costume drama, based on a love triangle between the Queen of Denmark, her deranged King, and a German doctor.  If you don’t mind subtitles, this is well worth a watch.



5.   The River Wild – Meryl Streep as a pro-white-water-rafter and Kevin Bacon as a psychopathic baddie?  Sound unconvincing?  It was.  Watchable, but only just.

Unknown-16.   The Monuments Men.  Will and I went to the cinema to see this at half term – we’d both seen the trailer and thought it looked good. I enjoyed it, and Will found it a bit boring – I must say the trailer made it look far more action-packed than it actually was.  I found it interesting to learn more about an aspect of WW2 that was hitherto unknown to me, though.



7.   The Pursuit of Happyness – oh, how I love this film.  It’s the ultimate in triumph over adversity, sublimely acted by Will Smith and his son, and based on a true story.  I could watch it over and over.  Ashley and Will hadn’t seen it before, and both seemed to enjoy it, though not as much as me, I suspect!

Have you seen any good films lately?







4 thoughts on “February Movies

  1. A friend of the family actually walked out of Monument Men because they found it boring apparently which makes me a little sad as it was one I was looking forward to seeing.


  2. I was thinking of going to The Monument Men this week some time, but maybe I will think again. I have had The Pursuit of Happyness on DVD for years but haven’t even taken the wrapper off yet (I think there must have been a sale on Amazon and I stocked up on a few films) but after your comments here, I’ll be watching it soon I hope. I haven’t seen any films this week – just TV on catch up.

  3. I haven’t seen any of those films – indeed, I haven’t heard of most of them! Recently I have been watching box sets rather than films when I’m sewing – I have just worked my way through Little Dorrit, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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