Friday 5: Simple Pleasures

I thought I’d tie in my Friday 5 with Listography, which has made a sudden reappearance over at Kate Takes 5 this week (yay!), and the subject is Simple Pleasures.

1.  Photo 28-02-2014 08 36 02

The view from my office, with its ever-changing sky.  It’s responsible for an awful lot of day-dreaming, as I mentioned earlier this week.  Lovely to see some blue after such a long, wet winter, though.

2. Photo 28-02-2014 09 21 51.jpg

A hot shower with my current favourite products.  A five minute pick-me-up if ever there was one.  I’ve recently taken to mid-afternoon showering before the school run, as it really seems to wake me up and give me another lease of life in those early-evening,  homework-nagging, getting-dinner-on-the-table hours which usually see me at my lowest ebb.

3.   Photo 28-02-2014 08 49 54 (1)

A ten minute sit down for breakfast with my book.  I usually eat breakfast in between doing other things, a bite here, and a bite there, but when I do take the time to actually sit down and enjoy it, it feels like a real indulgence.  I should take those ten minutes more often.

4.  Photo 28-02-2014 08 53 49

Clean sheets.  Oh, how I love you.  There is just nothing nicer.  That is all.

5.   Photo 28-02-2014 09 02 00.jpg

Weekends!  End of the working week, and time for a couple of days to take things slower, spend time with the family, and have fun.  And hubby cooks at the weekend, too, so a break from cooking for me!



12 thoughts on “Friday 5: Simple Pleasures

  1. I could just put ditto under Kathleen’s comment, as I too would do that if I won squillions on the Lottery (I would also have a hairdresser wash my hair the way they do at the hairdressers!). I read in the morning after breakfast, fortunately I am able to read for about 45 minutes!

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