Sunday Car Booty

Late night last night, but I was still up bright-eyed and bushy …. alright, I was still up, slitty eyed and a little grumpy at silly o’clock this morning, and out bargain-hunting before Ashley had even opened his eyes!

I didn’t remain grumpy for long, however, as despite the wind and rain, this morning’s car boot sale produced some great buys.  Here they are:


3 pairs kids’ Clarks shoes – £1 per pair


Pristine white ladies’ ice skates – £3.  There’s a funny story here.  Earlier this week, my brother called me because he’d bought a Kindle on eBay which turned out to be stolen.  He wasn’t sure of the process to report this, and asked me to log onto his eBay account and talk him through it.  While I was logged on, I noticed he was ‘watching’ several pairs of ice skates, and I asked him whether he was thinking of taking up skating?!  No, he replied, Amanda (his wife) was wanting to go to a fancy dress party as an ice skater, so had been looking for skates, but they’d all sold for £20/£30, and obviously she didn’t want to pay that much as she only wanted them for fancy dress.  So imagine my excitement when I came upon these at this morning’s boot sale.  They were one size bigger than Amanda takes, but I figured that would be OK, and the seller wanted a fiver, but I talked her down to £3 and snapped them up.  When I got home, I phoned Amanda to tell her the good news, but unfortunately she’s changed her mind, and is going to the fancy dress as a tennis player now!!   I suspect that the party hosts will be somewhat relieved on behalf of their carpets at this change of plan!


White Primark wedges, green Wallis kitten heels and black  snakeskin Johnny Curzon heels, £1 each.


FCUK toiletries giftset, brand new, £1


Vintage wooden tennis racquet (any good for the tennis outfit, Amanda?!) £1, Suzy Smith handbag 50p, Jimmy Choo body lotion £1.

IMG_1958Red Kite baby gym £2


Bargain of the day – vintage 60s nylon nightie and dressing gown.  I thought when I bought them they were a matching set, but it turns out not – the nightie is made by Cannay of Banbury, and the dressing gown by Foster Reid.  £3 for the pair.

I’m off to jump in the shower now, followed by a sausage sandwich, then I’ve got to go and pick Will up from his sleepover with his cousins in Torquay.  Plans for the rest of day are some eBay listing, some reading and crochet, and perusing conservatory furniture on the internet – anybody know of any good value places for rattan type indoor/outdoor furniture?

Then an early evening family film – which has become something of a Sunday tradition since we moved into this house.  This evening’s choice is The Pursuit of Happyness, which I’ve seen before, but Will and Ashley haven’t.  I think it’s a great, thought-provoking movie, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Will thinks of it.

Have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy the last day of half term, everybody – it’s flown by far too quickly.




3 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Great bargains as always, it astonishes me that you never come home empty handed like I do sometimes. Best buys are the skates and that peignoir set. (even tho it isn’t) I can picture Yootha Joyce swanning around in something like that.

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