Friday 5: Random Thoughts

1.  Half-term has flown by – can’t believe it’s Friday already.  Eugh, back to early mornings again from Monday.

2.  One of the plus points of having a teenager (and there are many minus points to balance this out,  believe me.  Yes, I’m looking at you, rolling eyes, untidy bedroom, unopened curtains, and awful moodswings!) is that I no longer need a babysitter.  Spontaneous evenings out  are back on the agenda after fourteen years – yay!

3.   Back to the healthy eating/exercise regime next week – this week’s been an epic fail.  I blame half-term.

4.   The lovely view from my office is fast becoming a time-waster – I’ve caught myself staring out at it with a completely blank mind several times this week!

5.   I knew I shouldn’t have let myself roam around the inside of the library for ‘just five minutes’ yesterday when I went to pick up a book I’d ordered.  I ended up coming home with a pile of four books, and another then arrived this morning to be reviewed, on top of the review copy of something else I’m already reading.  Not to mention the 100+ unread books staring accusingly at me out of the bookcase, and the 50-odd Kindle books awaiting my attention.



6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Random Thoughts

  1. Im the same Caroline,i have a huge bundle in the to read pile,i long to sit and read all day like i used to before kids and life.
    by the way managed to get the eyeshadow from ebay £6.99,it came today and i love it,thanks again.
    been reading your blog for a while,and i love your posts the car booty is my fave and your reviews,i also think your home is fantastic,all that space!
    Dawn x

    • So glad you managed to get hold of the eye shadow – I reckon it’s still a bargain at 6.99. Have tried them now, and am pleased with the colours, long-lasting for the price.

  2. Hey there. I also would stare out of your window. I do it when I am at my parents looking out to sea.

    Saw W7 make up whilst wandering today. you can find it in peacocks! saw it and remembered you had said about it

  3. I can’t believe how this week has flown by, I am looking forward to getting to the gym next week but going out with my daughter on her bike for 6 miles gave me a good work out with helping pushing her and stress lol. Its great having a in house baby sitter, just need the warm weather now 🙂

  4. my heart sinks thinking about the 6am start next week, but need to get going again, it’s been a very lazy half-term.
    Great you can do spontaneous nights out again! Forgotten what those are like…just a few more years…

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