2014 Crochet Projects

Towards the end of last year, I discovered the phenomenon of the online Crochet-A-Long (or CAL – gotta love an acronym), and I’ve joined in with two different ones this year.

The first is ‘Beyond the Granny Square’ being run by Spincushions, where you get a new pattern for a square to play around with each month and you crochet as many squares as you want to, with the idea being that you end up with enough for a blanket at the end of the year.

I decided to go with a blue/grey theme, mostly because I already had the yarn, and I wanted to use it for something!







The ones in the bottom pic still need blocking, but I’m loving how the colours are looking so far.

My second project is the Snowflake CAL, being run by iMake.  We’re working from this book, which is full of snowflake inspiration.



Each month, the ladies over at iMake choose two snowflakes to work on, and again, you can make as many or as few as you like.

I’m enjoying these – I can knock one up in half an hour or so, and it’s really improving my pattern reading skills and confidence that I CAN actually follow a pattern from start to finish and make something that looks like the picture in the book!

Here are my snowflakes so far.


Photo 20-02-2014 15 07 40


Photo 20-02-2014 15 07 22


Photo 03-02-2014 14 01 19Photo 20-02-2014 15 07 13


Other than the fact that one of them weirdly has five points rather than six, it’s all going pretty well.

I love looking at all the Instagram pics of everybody else’s snowflakes and granny squares – it feels like being part of a little club, and is a really fun way to make things and be a bit creative.


6 thoughts on “2014 Crochet Projects

  1. Love your squares and your snowflakes, great idea to crochet along with groups like that, sure it must keep you motivated. Think I could do with more pattern reading practice too, a bit hit and miss at the moment!

  2. You are so accomplished at crochet! I’m still on granny squares which I have been making for over a year and still have nowhere near enough to complete a blanket. Ah well, I tell myself it’s cos I work 48hrs a week. Haven’t heard of a crochet-a-long but I don’t think I’d be able to keep up!

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