Vlog: Current Favourite Things


Linky to the bag





15 thoughts on “Vlog: Current Favourite Things

    • Hi Dawn – just checked Amazon – they seem to have run out of stock. There was somebody selling it for under £6 on eBay, but can’t see that one now, either. Keep checking back on Amazon, they often restock items. Thanks for commenting! x

  1. Loved your vlog! As I’m long past my 20s, I don’t really watch vlogs by the younger set. Loved your favorites – wish there was Marks & Spencer in the USA. Never mind, it gives me an excuse to plan a trip to the UK!

  2. You are so not stout!! Did he get out of bed?
    Love the boots.. I cannot buy any more eye shadow for 100 years as have had to empty my bathroom for builders and can’t believe how much ‘forgotten’ make up I have!!
    Lovely to hear your accent again:) Please eat a good amount of M&S crackers on my behalf now. x

  3. We may have kept in touch over the years but your vlog has made me realise how much I’ve missed you in person. Lovely to hear and see you Carolina – you make me smile!

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