52 Lists – Good Things About My Town

homes-for-sale-st-leonards-newton-abbot_st-leonards-newton-abbot-charles-church-st-leonards_57741.jpgdate=20130710113200&Thought I’d join in again with the 52 Lists project over at Made in Hunters, and this week’s subject is all about where you live.

  • It has a mainline railway station (though after the recent railway/storm disaster, it’s more of a bus station for the foreseeable future!)
  • There are loads of charity shops, and year-round car boot sales!
  • It has an independent cinema, which even has 3D now.
  • At the risk of sounding like a terrible bigot, South Devon is not particularly multicultural as yet, and our town still has the feeling of a quintessential English market town.  Long may it continue.
  • It isn’t (touch wood) a town prone to flooding.
  • There’s a good-sized library in a beautiful old building.
  • Very little pollution – lovely clean air.
  • Crime rates are low and it feels like a safe place to live.
  • We have a nice mix of national chains and independent shops.
  • Nice parks and countryside surround the town (if you like that sort of thing – regular readers will know I’m not a big fan of the great outdoors).
  • The seaside is just a stone’s throw away!
  • We’re far enough from the coast that we don’t have to contend with hoards of holidaymakers throughout the summer months.

And that’s all, folks!


7 thoughts on “52 Lists – Good Things About My Town

  1. Now that sounds like a rather nice place to live – how long does it take to go – up to town’. Or do you stay closer to home than go all the way to London?

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