Reading & Watching Wednesday

Haven’t done one of these posts for a couple of weeks, so here is a quick snapshot of my current reads.


I started this this afternoon.  It’s the third in an autobiographical trilogy about a Swiss woman who went on holiday to Mombasa, fell in love with a Masai warrior and left behind everything to make a life with him in Kenya.  Fascinating.

The book I read previously was this thriller …


It was a bit of a disappointment – it was one of those books that starts really well and then goes slowly downhill.  The plot was too far-fetched, the characters a bit one-dimensional, and the whole thing just left me a bit … blah.  It wasn’t BAD, per se, but it was just distinctly average.

Up next, I fancy a bit of chick-lit, and this one’s been on my Kindle for a while …



I loved her debut novel, which I read last year, so I have high hopes for this one.


It’s still blowing a hooley outside, the rain is still bucketing down, and it’s bloomin’ freezing, so I’m off cosy up in bed for an early night with my Kindle and Season 1 of Girls, which arrived from LoveFilm this morning.

Bye for now!




8 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. I haven’t read a really good npol for a whole Spanish recently. Have been disappointing the last good pme was Vince and Joy by Loss Jewell
    At the moment am reading Under A Silent Moon NY Elizabeth. Haynes which I had high hopes for nut so far bit boring
    Also gave up on Danielle. Sacetdoti Take Me Home
    Finished The Silent Wife nut will let Caroline. Review that one

  2. I do admire your ability to sit down and read. The last book I read was Da Vinci Code, which I loved, and I bought two other Dan Brown ones from a book sale at work. I’m struggling to find time to get through Deception Point though.

  3. just finished “here’s looking at you’ and really enjoyed it. I wish I could read something a little more profound, but cant deal with that and the tube at the same time!… I have Girls box set to start, have added Hostages to my list after your comments yesterday and must catch-up with Greys too…. have a lovely week, hope the weather eases for you soon it been grim xx

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