2014 Holidays

ACE.A.2012.110146.115Ahhh, holidays … is there anything nicer than booking up trips away to look forward to?  I’m not convinced there is, specially at this time of year.

So today, I finally booked up our summer holiday for this year.  We’ve been discussing it for weeks (it makes a change from talking about the intricacies of our plumbing and its related issues, which is our other current hot topic), and mulling over various options.

Will and I were quite keen on a cruise round the Mediterranean – despite four years working on board cruise liners, I’ve never yet taken a cruise as a passenger – but the itinerary I really liked (Barcelona, Rome, Monte Carlo, Gib amongst others) was not great dates for Ashley with work, and was also on an enormous ship, and he eventually vetoed it, as he had an issue with ‘being stuck in a tin can for a fortnight with three thousand other people’.  Which I totally get.

So we’ve finally plumped for a lazy fortnight in a very nice looking hotel, which comes recommended by friends,  in Lanzarote.  Long-time readers will know that my last experience of the Canaries was less than stellar, weather-wise, but hopefully going in July will almost guarantee sunshine.  And we’re flying from Exeter, which is fabulous – I’m so sick of trawling all the way up to Gatwick every time we go away, so that’ll be a nice change and make the whole thing easy.



And then in October, for our big family holiday with my parents, and my brother and his family, we are off to Dubai, which I’m super-excited about.  It’s a place I’ve wanted to go to for a long time, and if the inside of the airport is anything to go by – we changed planes there when we went to the Maldives last year – it’s going to be a pretty amazing place.

I can’t wait.

As my mum is very fond of saying, it’s always nice to have things to look forward to!


10 thoughts on “2014 Holidays

  1. Lovely. Never been to Lanzarote but have visited Dubai several times as my friend used to live there. I loved it but it was twenty years ago and I know it’s changed hugely. Shall be interested to hear what you think of it.

  2. How lovely – that hotel looks fabulous!
    Dubai is on my travel bucket list although hubby isn’t so keen. Still, we already have three holidays booked for this year, so plenty to look forward to!

  3. Very jealous! Don’t think my budget will allow for any sort of holiday this year (minus the odd city break hopefully!) 😦

    Totally loving your new blog layout by the way. Mine’s in desperate need of a redesign soon too x

  4. I love holiday planning! Have never been to either Lanzarote or Dubai and will look forward to hearing what you think of them. We are doing the giant cruise ship in August this year, for the second time – the itinerary includes Barcelona and Gibraltar, but not Rome or Monte Carlo. Taking just our two younger daughters this year, as senior daughter is off to Turkey with her boyfriend in May and I think possibly to Majorca with a friend in September. The joys of earning her own money! I have just booked to take the younger two to Disneyland Paris at Easter next year, as the seven year old has finally got over the worst of her fear of dressed up characters and there were some good advance booking deals. We are leaving their dad at home as he would rather have teeth pulled than go back to Disneyland. Once was more than enough for him!

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