52 Lists // This Week’s To Do List

I saw the 52 Lists project over at Made In Hunters, and couldn’t resist joining in – you know how I love a list or two!

So this week’s subject is the current ‘to do’ list.  Hmmm.  If I listed the whole thing, we could literally be here for the rest of the week, so here’s a snapshot of some of things I need/want to do this week.

  • Blog every day.  I set myself a challenge at the end of last week to blog every day for the rest of February.  I find myself procrastinating over it terribly, and I need to just sit down and write.  Hopefully forcing myself to do this every day will help – it’s not like I’m short of stuff to write about!
  • Exercise every day Mon to Fri.  Part of my delayed New Year diet/fitness regime, starting today.
  • Eat healthily.  Apart from Friday night when we’re off  on an overnight hotel jaunt which involves a five course tasting menu with matching wines.  Oops!
  •  Keep a list of everything I eat.  See above.
  • Catch up/keep up with my evening diary entries.  They’ve slipped a bit over the weekend, and I need to get back on track.
  • Paint my nails.
  •  Get a door key cut for Will.
  • Delete any unused apps on iPhone and iPad, and tidy the rest into folders.
  • Book a holiday – more of which in another post.
  •  Read lots.  Books seem to be incoming faster than they are outgoing at the moment.  I need to make more time to read.
  •  Crochet lots.  Crochet post coming later this week.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Really, I need to stop getting worried about little things.  I’ve always been a worrier.  I need to work on this.
  • Buy a birthday present for Mum.
  •  Get Will to finish his thank you letters for birthday presents.  Easier said than done.  It’s like herding cats, frankly.


What’s on your to do list this week?  Anything exciting?


4 thoughts on “52 Lists // This Week’s To Do List

  1. On my list for this week:
    pack for holiday
    write blog posts
    tidy my office
    go food shopping (which entails another list!)
    list more unwanted items on eBay

    No doubt more things will be added as the wek progresses!

  2. Aside from the oft repeated drudgery (laundry, groceries, etc) on the list this week was Valentines. They now are made and in the mail! Yay, me! (The laundry, however, is still a work in progress.)

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