Sunday Car Booty

Bearing in mind the relentless weather we’ve been experiencing down here in the South West, I won’t have a moan that this morning’s car boot sale was full of market traders, with ‘proper’ car booters thin on the ground.  I imagine it’s been a tough few months to be a market trader so they’ve gotta take their kicks where they can get ’em, so to speak.

I actually felt much sympathy for all the sellers trying to make a few quid this morning – it was like a wind tunnel inside the multi-storey car park, and bitterly cold.  I’m glad to be home, though I must say that the rather fresh start to the day put paid to the slight hangover  I was suffering this morning after one too many margaritas whilst watching a mixture of strange winter sports and Kylie’s strange facial fillers on Saturday night TV.  

As ever, I managed to bag a few bargains, and here they are:

IMG_1831Warehouse shift dress – £1.  The cat hair came free!


IMG_1833Faith metallic sandals and M&S heels – 50p each.




The White Company Luxury Body Cream, brand new, £1.  And a litre bottle of Bailey’s for a fiver – even my hangover was not enough to put me off this huge bargain!




Brand new with tags Vertbaudet girl’s dress – 50p.




2 brand new pairs of M&S heels – £1.50 and £2.  Love the eveningy (yeah, I just made up that word) black Autograph ones.

Favourite thing I saw at this morning’s boot sale?  A big sign leaning against the stall of one of the regular sellers, saying 

“To the man who stole my tarot cards last week: bad karma is coming your way”.

Happy Sunday, whatever your plans are.  I don’t have many, but I don’t need tarot cards to tell me there’ll be a bacon sandwich in my not too distant future!





5 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Well done for braving the elements. I feel so sorry for our market traders, too – what a thankless job in these atrocious conditions.
    Great finds and loving the new look blog! xxx

  2. Yes that wind is bitter today, well done you. Think I’d have been tempted to stay under the duvet. You always find such brilliant and bargainous (yeah I just madeTHAT word up!) shoes. I only ever see ones that have seen better days with a price tag of fifteen quid on them. Glass of Baileys with Mr Selfidge tonight perhaps?

  3. I can’t stop wondering about the person who took the tarot cards. If they believed in that kind of thing, wouldn’t it give them a creeped out feeling to steal them? And if they didn’t believe in them, why take them? Anyway, I agree that the sign as hilarious, and you’ve got me shaking my head this morning.

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