Solo Saturday

Photo 08-02-2014 08 21 36We’ve had more howling gales and rain overnight, and although this morning’s dawned somewhat brighter, there are some ominous clouds and the weatherman has confidently predicted more storms before the day is out.

It’s going to be a funny sort of Saturday – Ashley is going to work, and then off to Iaido (Japanese art of drawing the sword.  Yeah, I know.)  And William is off up to Dartmoor for his Duke of Edinburgh award both today and tomorrow.

So today, I am home alone, once I’ve dropped William at school with a rucksack heavy enough for a couple of months away – how can they need that much equipment for a one day hike?!

I am going to have a lovely, lazy self-indulgent day – crochet, reading, catching up with my Sky Plus, watching some of the Winter Olympics (did anybody see that snowboarding yesterday – a-MAY-zing!), a bit of a pamper later on maybe – though no lovely hot bubble bath to go with it, sadly – the plumbing problems march relentlessly on.

And I’m going to make some lists – all sorts of lists.  Recipes I want to try, blog posts I want to write, things I need to buy for the house, and so many others.  I have a brand new notebook all ready and waiting for me.  There’s something rather lovely about starting a new notebook, isn’t there?

This evening, Ashley has a fancy for cooking homemade burgers, so I shan’t have to cook – result!  Paired with some trashy Saturday night TV, that will be the perfect end to my lazy day.

What are you doing on this windy, rainy Saturday?


PS I’ve changed the look of the blog again – I decided I didn’t like the previous one with the swirly writing and the moody black and white picture of myself on the front page.  I’m not entirely sure about this look either, but I’m loving the colours.  What do you think?



9 thoughts on “Solo Saturday

  1. Morning C… Loving the new look of blog… This is more you!… Have a lovely lazy Saturday. Hope W enjoys his climb and the weather doesn’t hamper him. Can’t believe how relentless the weather has been… X

  2. Enjoy some peace today. I’m feeling fluey so won’t be doing much today beyond the bed or sofa. Love the background – the colours are great and remind me of a Liberty print. x

  3. Hope you have a warm day at least. Can’t believe what a dreadful batch of weather UK seems to be having at the moment – it seems relentless. Enjoy the peace. I know EXACTLY what you mean about new notebook. I have new pens at home – also something good about that too. Love the new blog look too 🙂 Stay warm and enjoy your burgers!

  4. Hi Caroline….
    You visited me the other day, and I just got around to yours!
    Love the look of your blog♥️
    I see you are a crocheter as well….love that!
    I am spending the month in Florida….from snowy Canada….and we are patiently waiting got the sun to make its appearance…:o(
    I like your sense of humour…..may I come back?
    Stay dry!

    Linda :o)

    • Hi Linda – thanks for visiting and commenting, and of course you’d be more than welcome to come back again! I’ve only recently picked up my crochet hook again after a while away, and have been so enjoying creating things again. Post coming later this week on what I’ve been making. I am in awe of your fabulous photography and loving reading your posts. x

  5. Love the new look, I liked the old one too. I love a notebook and have a few on the go, hope you managed to do all you wanted to x

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