Friday 5: Link Love




Yay – it’s nearly the weekend!

A little round-up of things that I’ve come upon on my travels around the web that I thought were worth sharing.

1.   I’ve been loving anything home-related recently, so this really set my imagination on fire.  Amazing interior design ideas.    I want them all except the sand under my desk – eewwwww!

2.  Oh, how this made me laugh out loud – email correspondence between two neighbours.

3.   Thought provoking video showing many different versions of what 200 calories looks like.  Who knew that the calories of 217 Big Macs could power a car for 35 km!!

4.   Amazing nature – video of a puffer fish creating the most beautiful pattern on the bottom of the ocean.  Mind-blowing.

5.  Can you think of anything nicer than a weekend away in fabulous place with nothing to do but read?  I can’t.  Here are 10 Gorgeous Retreats just perfect for this.

Have a fabulous weekend, everybody!



5 thoughts on “Friday 5: Link Love

    • Hi Pamela – it’s a standard WordPress one, but I upgraded for $30 for a year so I can play around with the colours, backgrounds etc. It’s the first time I’ve ever paid for an upgrade, but I couldn’t find anything that was what I wanted, so I decided to go for it!

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