January Movies

Feel like I’m playing catch-up.  How on earth are we already five days into February?  The week started busily with William’s birthday AND parents’ evening to discuss GCSE options both falling on Monday, and it’s continuing in much the same vein.

January wasn’t a big month for film watching – the house move and lack of internet conspired to reduce my movie count to only three.  Here’s what I saw:



Predictable ghost story set in a school.  Didn’t really rate this one – I kept losing interest and playing games on my phone, which isn’t the sign of a great movie, is it?!



Enjoyed this biopic of Linda Lovelace, the 70s ‘adult film’ star.  I thought Amanda Seyfried was great in the lead role – I think she’s becoming a really versatile actress.  Before watching this, I had no idea that Linda was killed in a car accident at only 53 years old in 2002.  Very watchable film.



I remember going to the cinema in January last year to see the tsunami movie, whose name currently escapes me, and finding it rather harrowing.  This January I went to see The Railway Man and left feeling much the same, only more so.  The acting was great, and it was beautifully filmed, very evocative of time and place, but my goodness, the torture scenes were just too much for me.  And this from the woman who quite happily watched a chap cut off his own arm with a blunt penknife in 127 hours, almost without even flinching.

So, I wouldn’t *not* recommend The Railway Man, but it’s not a film you’ll come away from feeling entertained, or able to say ‘I really enjoyed that’.


Have you seen any good movies lately?



4 thoughts on “January Movies

  1. I STILL need to see the Tsunami movie (with Naomi Watts but can’t remember the title either)and the Railway Man STILL isn’t released here.
    You have to see ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ which is long but holds your interest. I’m not the biggest LDC fan but he is really good…… lots of sex/drugs so don’t take W. I rate it far higher than American Hustle which is getting good reviews here but just didn’t really capture me. I am currently (shamefully) watching ‘Gossip Girl’ when attacking my ironing (and watching Grey’s Anatomy when on the treadmill – not quite as embarrassing!!!!).

  2. Funnily enough, a friend said exactly the same thing as you about the Railway Man – I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to see it. During the Christmas break I watched the tsunami film and agree with you – it was very harrowing. The only films I have watched recently are Arthur Christmas (I know, January is the wrong month to watch it!), which I really enjoyed, and Moulin Rouge which I have seen many times before, but not for a few years, but it was wonderful all over again. 🙂

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