Second Hand News

D’you know, I’ve really missed sharing my second hand finds with you on the blog and, as I said last week, I’m itching to get back to my Sunday car boot sale routine again.

Yesterday morning I had a lovely mooch around the charity shops in town, and picked up a few bargains which I was really rather pleased with, so I thought I’d give them an airing here.



Lots and lots of books – my arm was nearly dropping off by the time I got back to the car, but I was so pleased with all of these, some really recent ones, and several that were on my Amazon wishlist.  The most expensive one was £1.30, and some were as little as 50p.



2 shirts for Ashley (who gets through work shirts like they’re going out of fashion).  One from Next, which replaces an identical one that’s falling apart, and one from M&S.  Both in pristine condition, and one non-iron and one easy-iron (yay!).  £2.99 each.


A pair of brand new M&S shoes.  I really like the colour of these, and a sensible height of heel for a change.  £3.00.


Christmas cards at 80% discount.  Can’t say fairer than that.

And last but not least …..



A Mulberry handbag for a tenner!!

I must admit to not purchasing this myself – I had a phone call from my mother-in-law yesterday afternoon, saying she was outside the charity shop and had seen a Mulberry bag, which they’d just put out on the shelf, did I want her to buy it for me?  (She knows how I love a designer bag).  I asked if it seemed real, and she said she thought it did, so I decided to take a flyer on it for a tenner.

Although it is without doubt a fake, it’s a bloody good fake (I happen to have the original of this bag to compare it against), and it’s pretty hard to tell, but there are a couple of telltale signs).  Even the lining is a brilliant copy – look!



Anyway, whilst I’m not entirely sure about the legality of the Red Cross flogging dodgy designer handbags, I am very happy to be in possession of it, and will be taking it on its first outing very soon.

Well done, Mother In Law!!

A successful day’s shopping, all in all.

Have you picked up any decent thrifty finds lately?




13 thoughts on “Second Hand News

  1. Love the bag – fake or not…. I was watching a program about fakes vs real the other day… fascinating. Anyhow – great book haul (as ever). We hardly have any charity stores here similar to the gazillions in UK. Such a shame.. There are certain ones who have massive warehouses but a real jumble sale feel. Not the same….

  2. I have read the Jo Jo Moyes book and enjoyed it and I have a feeling I may have read the Heather Gu……. one too but not sure. Trouble is I read so much that I do forget some of the books. Shoes are lovely too and a bargain with the shirts.

  3. What a great haul – I have the Jojo Moyes book waiting to be read, really enjoyed her last one and always love Jilly’s bonkbusters. Your Mulberry bag is a fab find…is it leather??

  4. I’m missing car boot sales too, I’m counting the weeks until Easter when they start up again in my area. Like you I’ve had the occasional browse around charity shops over the winter and have picked up a few items of clothing. My best bargain was a pair of beige linen curtains with a cream leaf print for a tenner which will be perfect for the dining room in our new home we’re moving to in a few weeks. I enjoy reading about your bargain finds,looking forward to reading more.Gill

  5. fabulous finds…. the mulberry is a great copy and really love the shoes.
    cant wait to find out what you think of the books, havent read many of those.
    have a great week. xx

  6. Now I’m suffering handbag envy! My recent bargains have all been in sales rather than charity shops or my beloved market 😦 , although I did get some good books in a charity shop. Perhaps things will pick up when the weather improves. Well done on your great haul. Like everyone else, I love these posts.

  7. Yet again you score a fantastic haul of goodies! Thanks for the reminder about the charity shop Christmas cards, I remembered as I went shopping this morning, and got myself a pack!

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