Monday Menu & Other Foodie Delights

Hello everybody!  How was your weekend?

Mine was really lovely.  I finally found some time to do some crochet after what felt like forever, and I really enjoyed it.  More about what I’m making another time.  We also got loads done around the house, and I’m starting to feel properly unpacked and sorted now.

We went out to friends’ for dinner on Saturday night and had an absolutely fab evening, with some amazing food.

PicMonkey Collage

There was also a delicious pork belly  main course which I have failed to get a decent pic of, but oh my goodness, the crackling was just melt in the mouth  …

There were also WICKED – and rather lethal –  vodka jellies:


This is me after a very long evening of far too much good food and wine …


And Ashley went to sleep in the taxi home – I thought I was going to have to leave him in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs at one stage!

It was therefore probably a blessing in disguise after a very late night that yesterday morning’s weather put paid to any hope of a car boot sale, and I must admit to being delighted to get back under the duvet after a quick check out of the curtains to make sure it was indeed pouring down.  It was.

Anyway, onto this week’s menu plan, which I sat and wrote, along with the shopping list, last night whilst watching TV.  Go me!

In no particular order:

Smoked fish chowder with crusty bread and cheese – we really need to eat more fish, so I’m going to try hard for one fish dish a week this year.

Haggis, neeps and tatties – in a nod to Burns Night, which we’ve actually missed, but M&S sell haggis all year round now, and we’re rather partial to it.

Chicken enchiladas – 14yo’s favourite, although after his recent grumpy teenage behaviour and attitude, I feel like giving him cat food enchiladas instead.  Just sayin’.

Cheat’s Cassoulet – bookmarked this ages ago, so must give it a try.

Spag Bol 

Roast dinner on Sunday as usual, no doubt, and I’m not sure about Saturday yet – can’t think that far ahead!


*Linking up this week with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday and also Meal Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie*


7 thoughts on “Monday Menu & Other Foodie Delights

  1. Thanks for commenting on my Almost Free Love blog post. And I love your gray sofa. Plan to purchase one like that for our Beltway Apartment in The Netherlands. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. think I need some friends like yours! What fab food! Like the sound of your meal plan too – funny, I had the same thought about fish and made a chowder the other day. Went down a treat. Great you’re crocheting again…is the Instagram pic a bit of a clue? xx

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