Beauty: Empties

Another round-up of beauty products I’ve finished recently and my thoughts.

Photo 14-12-2013 15 56 45

I’d never use facial wipes as an everyday product, but I’m a huge fan of them for travel, and these ones, which I picked up in Home Bargains for less than £2, were fab.  They stayed moist right up till the very last one (because I don’t use them regularly, I often find that they dry out in the pack as it takes me a while to get through a pack), and were gentle on the skin while still managing to get rid of even the most stubborn eye make up.  Repurchase?  Yes.

Photo 22-12-2013 21 03 05


I’m a big fan of body butters, as regular readers will know, and this is a lovely one.  Gorgeous scent, great texture, moisturises really well.  Will definitely be buying this again once my body lotion mountain has been reduced.

Photo 20-12-2013 09 10 47

I was keen to try Aromatherapy Associates’ face oil range, and was given a gift set of miniatures a while ago.  This particular one was heavy on the lavender (I’m not a lover of lavender), and hence I didn’t really like it on my face as the scent was so strong.  However, I discovered it was brilliant for my very dry hands, and worked really well at softening and moisturising them.  At £45 ish for a full size bottle, I wouldn’t buy it again, but I’m glad to have tried it, and will definitely experiment further with oils as a hand treatment, as hand creams often don’t seem to do much for my paws.

Photo 06-12-2013 14 39 32


Disappointing.  I bought it because it was on offer and was a couple of quid cheaper than the Batiste.  Shan’t make that mistake again!    I have a Dove one to try out next, so will be interested to see how that compares.  I’m a big fan of dry shampoos for those days that you don’t have time/can’t be bothered to wash your hair – but only when they work!

Photo 08-12-2013 14 23 21


Another of these face oils, and although it felt lovely on my skin and definitely seemed to plump and moisturise my face well overnight, again I wasn’t big on the scent.  There are several different oils in this one, one of which is patchouli, which I guess is why I wasn’t keen as I can’t bear patchouli – reminds me of a girl I shared a house with at university who used it as a perfume.  Lovely girl, but dreadful smell.

Photo 29-12-2013 10 20 11


It’s rare that I chuck out anything before it’s finished, but this mascara was SHOCKING.  It was a freebie with a magazine and was the clumpiest, lumpiest mascara I’ve ever used.  So bad it was almost unusable.  I wonder if it was just really old, but I won’t be purchasing another at £15 for a full size, in order to check out my theory!

Photo 13-01-2014 21 14 53

I don’t have much to say about this one – it was just OK.  I liked the fact it has an SPF, and it smelt OK, and did an OK job of moisturising, but nothing outstanding.  Repurchase?  Probably not.

What products have you been loving and hating recently?  Have you tried any of these?  I’d love to know.






8 thoughts on “Beauty: Empties

  1. Glad you’re back!
    I bought a tube of Champney’s Perfect Sleep Soothing Body Butter for £1.00 at the market. I can’t say it’s improved my sleep but I like the smell and feel of it and it’s good for my ancient arms. I’m now a big fan of Olay Everyday Sunshine moisturiser, too. It always seems to be on offer somewhere.

  2. This is always one of my favourite blogs. When in the UK I bought Simple Radiance Cream and I really like it even my OH said my skin looked really good with it on. Mind you as he is in the dog house for not buying me a Christmas present it might just be a matter of “buttering” me up!

  3. I have been using no. 7 skin radiance exfoliator. and the day cream for dry skin. My skin is shocking right now. the woman said it was stressed and I said so are my nerves. I have been breaking out with spots all over. awful. But getting better now.

    I am also a convert to burts bee lip balm. My lips are also suffering and I have become a lip balm junky. it is expensive but I prefer it to a normal lip balm or Vaseline lip balm as that for one, for some unknown reason seems to make my lips feel worse and dry quickly and need it more and more.

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