Bad Blogger & Christmas Humbug

I’ve been a bit MIA round these parts this month, I know.  I feel as though I’m in limbo – everything just seems ‘on hold’ waiting for the move on 6th January.

Doing nothing but sorting, decluttering, chucking stuff out and packing boxes does nothing for blog inspiration, I can tell you.  I haven’t been out and about very much, and I haven’t so much as poked my nose into a charity shop or car boot sale for weeks on end – can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to some second hand shopping next month!

Christmas is almost upon us, and I have not put up a single decoration – there’s no room for the tree, not to mention the fact that the thought of unpacking four boxes of decs, putting them up, taking them down again and repacking them, all before the removal men come to pack on the 2nd Jan, makes me want to dig out my own eyeballs with a spoon.  So it’s a no from me.

(I can tell you, however, that I’m already planning the Christmas decorations in my new home next December!)

We are heading to Bournemouth to my folks’ this year for a few days over Christmas, which I’m looking forward to, and not just to get away from the boxes!

I’m also trying to use up the contents of the freezer, and meals have been becoming increasingly bizarre as time goes on – fish fingers, ratatouille and butter beans, anybody?  I think  Ashley and William are looking forward to going to my parents’ to get some normal food as much as anything else.

So, this was just a quick check-in to let you know I’m still alive.  I’ll be back before the end of the year with my annual ‘best of this year’s reading’ post, so I’ll see you then.




5 thoughts on “Bad Blogger & Christmas Humbug

  1. Don’t blame you for giving the decorations a miss this year, I’ve done the same and I haven’t even got an excuse! Sounds like you are well organised for your move. Enjoy Christmas. xx

  2. I totally understand, and limbo is exactly what it is…it’s always the worst part of any transition. Hope you have a good time (and good meals) with your parents. 🙂 Moving day will be here soon!

  3. Make the butter beans into dip like hummus or make giant baked beans like they do in Spain? A tapas night. cut everything small and throw into bowls and have at it, with some bread.

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