Wandering Round The WWW: Link Love



The first of an occasional new series where I share things that have caught my attention recently on this amazing information superhighway.

  • Close up photos of real snow flakes and frost crystals.  Nature is just mind-blowing sometimes.
  • 25 Book Series we Still Get Nostalgic About – a real trip down memory lane for me.



2 thoughts on “Wandering Round The WWW: Link Love

  1. I loved Enid Blyton and I know it was because of her that my love of reading started. However when I started at Torquay Girls Grammar School I was met with absolute disgust when I asked if there were any in the school library and made to feel like a complete moron at 10.5 yrs old. Possibly one of the reasons why I hated my time at TGGS so much.

  2. Amazing snowflake pics, as for the fingernails….double yuk. The safety video is very american I wonder if it works? A hostie I once worked with hit a punter over the head with the safety instruction card because he was not paying attention to the demo!

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