November Movies

Late, I know.  Never mind, eh?  Let’s go for it.



1.   The Heat

Highly entertaining cop comedy with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy both at their comic best.  Passed a couple of hours on a plane nicely.


2.   Safe Haven

Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, very watchable romantic drama.  Passed another couple of hours on the plane!


3.   Charlie St Cloud

Tug on the heartstrings drama, about a teenage boy getting over the death of his younger brother.  Watchable, but struggled to hold my attention all the way through.

Summer4.   A Summer Place

One of my favourite stories my mum tells me about her younger years is that she went to the cinema to see this film and loved it so much, she stayed in the cinema and watched it all the way through again, thus getting into trouble for being late back to college!  I’d never seen it before and came upon a DVD Mum lent me ages ago while decluttering for the move, so I watched it.  It was lovely.  TERRIBLY old-fashioned, but lovely nevertheless.  Life really was simpler back then.



5.   Red Dog

Lovely Australian film based on a true story about a dog who united a disparate community in the outback.  Will and I cuddled up on the sofa one night and watched this together.  Good one for all the family.



6.   50/50

I really hate films that are billed as ‘comedy dramas’ and turn out to be anything but.  Although this movie about a man in his early 20s who discovers he has cancer has some comic moments, it is IN NO WAY a comedy.  (Please take note, Flixster).  And I hadn’t bargained for it being quite so much of a drama, because I was expecting something lighter.  That said, I ended up really enjoying it, and thought it was beautifully made, with lots to say about life, love, friendship and family.   Definitely not a comedy though.

And that’s it for this month – have you seen any good films recently?



6 thoughts on “November Movies

  1. What about books? Watched two movies this week one Penthouse North (blind girl terrorised in apartment) with Michael Keaton was excellent and Ghost with Brad Pitt which we turned off midway through.

  2. Haven’t watched a decent film in ages. I’ve got The Guard sitting here, but haven’t found the time to put it on yet! Like the sound of The Heat. Just need funny at the moment…quite sure we’ll be watching Elf for the 132nd time before the week’s out! x

  3. The song There’s a Summer Place was part of the background of my childhood, but I’ve never seen the film.

    BTW, for the last few days I’ve been unable to see your journal, which was marked private. Today I got straight in, no problem. If you’d filtered certain entries (as we do on LJ), I quite understand. Otherwise, it’s a mystery!

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