Beauty: Empties

I’ve been desperately trying to use up as many products as I can before moving in Jan, so this is a bumper post of empties.  Strap on your seatbelts, and here we go!

Photo 15-11-2013 07 16 45


Loved this gorgeous-smelling body oil, and unlike some, it didn’t leave my skin horribly greasy for ages afterwards.  Repurchase?  Possibly, when I’m next feeling well-off.

Photo 14-11-2013 20 49 02


This came in a starter Jo Malone skincare set I was given for Christmas last year, and only used occasionally as a very special treat.  I loved this product, particularly when mixed with the Jo Malone face creams for an extra moisture boost.  Just been on the website to check the price of a full-size one, and am a little disappointed to find that it’s been discontinued.  So I guess that’ll be a no to a repurchase, then!

Photo 13-11-2013 09 28 47


A great little mascara for £1.99, that gives many of the pricier brands a run for their money.  As soon as I’ve used up my magazine freebie mascaras, of which I seem to have amassed rather a lot, I’ll be popping into Superdrug for another of these.

Photo 30-11-2013 08 39 24


I reviewed the matching night cream to this in this post, and was equally impressed by this  day one, for the price (under a tenner full size).  The only disappointment is the SPF of only 15, so it would only be a winter option for me, I’m afraid.  That said, I fully intend to repurchase this next time I need a winter daytime moisturiser.

Photo 27-11-2013 15 57 11


Ah, Jo, how do I love you?  Let me count the ways.  I bought myself this set duty free on a plane ages ago – it was my first introduction to Jo Malone’s scents, and I’ve been a firm convert ever since.  I wouldn’t repurchase this particular set, however, as there a couple of fragrances in there that don’t really suit me, but I’d highly recommend this as a great way to discover some fabulous scents that will no doubt become firm favourites.

Photo 26-11-2013 09 37 03

Another mini tube of this product, which I reviewed here.  Must say this one was less runny, but I’m still not a fan of the smell.

Photo 23-11-2013 16 07 53


Found this at the back of the bathroom cupboard during my pre-move declutter.  Must’ve been there for a loooooonnnnggg time.  It was OK, but I like a bit more of a sensory boost in the shower in the morning, and this was just a bit blah in the smell department.

Photo 23-11-2013 08 56 21

Another mini tube, and I really liked this product.  But no SPF, so not for me, I’m afraid, particularly not at £27 for a full size one!

Photo 20-11-2013 16 04 46


Yet another mini tube.  Absolutely LOVED this night cream – it felt really rich and I could almost feel the good it was doing my skin when I used it.  Great for dry skin, particularly in winter.  Repurchase?  Yes.

Photo 18-11-2013 08 30 57


Having read so much about this product, I was really keen to try it, and this sample sized product lasted me for almost a fortnight.  It’s very off-putting in the tube – it looked far too dark a shade for me, but amazingly, it blends in really easily and becomes almost translucent on the skin.  It claims to leave skin looking ‘dewy and flawless’ and whilst I wouldn’t  concur fully with that, it certainly made my skin look better than it does without any make-up.

The main drawback for me (other than the price – £47 full size) was that once applied, I had to wait ages for it to stop feeling tacky before doing the rest of my make-up.  Like, a good six or seven minutes.  Not good.  So, I’m glad I tried it, but it certainly wasn’t miracle enough for me to even consider spending £47 on it!


And that’s it!  If you’ve managed to make it to the end, very well done!  Have you got any beauty hits and misses to share with me?





10 thoughts on “Beauty: Empties

  1. My favourite blogs from you are these and food! I just love all beauty products and when anyone says “I never know what to buy you!” I always say anything to do with make up or skin products.

    My favourite re-buy is Olay 2 in 1 serum and moisturiser anti-wrinkle. Unfortunately I wasn´t able to replace it here in Spain and am having some brought over for me by a friend this week. Again it doesn´t have an SPF but I always add a 50+ SPF cream over my moisturiser and under any foundation. It is a must living in Spain. I also love my Clinique Even Better foundation which I use under and over the eye and to cover my “age spots”. Marvellous stuff which definitely mirrors their advert. I also bought for my birthday Clarins Blush Prodige which wasn´t cheap but is just lovely.

    • I need a new foundation soon – might treat myself to that Clinique one. Thanks for the recommendation. I love the Clarins lip Gloss Prodige products, they’re brilliant in terms of both colour and gloss.

  2. I think I must be the only person never to have tried anything by Jo Malone! I love most things by Clarins and use their extra firming night cream, I’m just about to try a new range called Tropic by Susan Ma (apprentice fame) which was more affordable and felt lovely in the testers. I usually revert to Clarins in time though!

  3. I have never had any Jo Malone products except for the perfumes (which I love) – oh and a few candles. Did you know she sold her rights/shares a good 5 years ago and hasn’t actually been involved with the new scents since then? But she has a new store (finally the non compete ran its course) in Belgravia and has AMAZING perfumes there (I got one last month). Worth a trip next time you are there. I love your posts which give advice on these products btw. x

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