Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Pate

Firstly, apologies to anybody who’s had problems accessing my blog this week.  I’ve been keeping a bit of a low internet profile, so my blog’s been offline.  It’s back up for the moment, but I will be temporarily taking it up and down over the next few weeks, so if you can’t get into it, don’t worry – normal service will be resumed soon.

Now, moving on, I recently made this super-simple and delicious pate, which is great on bread or toast, and was even good in a toasted sandwich with some sliced tomato – very versatile.  We don’t eat enough fish in our house – I never think I’m very good or adventurous with cooking it, so tend not to do so – but this went down well with everybody.

Photo 22-11-2013 19 07 47


200g cream cheese (I used a light version to make it a bit healthier)

2 tbsp horseradish sauce

1 tbsp lemon juice

150g smoked mackerel

Fresh parsley

Photo 22-11-2013 17 23 59

Mix the cream cheese, horseradish and lemon juice thoroughly.  Flake the smoked mackerel (I used the peppered variety), but if you use plain, you might want to add some black pepper to the mixture as well) and add.  Chop the parsley finely, add and mix well.

Eat and enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Recipe: Smoked Mackerel Pate

  1. Sounds delicious. We eat a lot of salmon relatively cheap here and again very versatile with stir fry or pasta or new potatoes and sauce. I usually have a little left over and mix it with plain yoghurt and mayo and chilli sauce and use as a sandwich filling with watercress. Yummy.

  2. Glad your back up. Wondered if a troll had come out of the wood work.

    Ohhh you put horse radish in it. hmmm never heard of that. I bet that gives it a boost.

    hope you are doing ok with the packing. I think pretty much everyone I know is actually moving house at the moment. rushing to be in before Christmas…!!! Good luck

  3. Oh Mrs M I thought I’d lost you. Great recipe which I momentarily thought would be good to make in Italy until I remembered that smoked mackerel is about 5 times the price it is here.

  4. I make this pate and it it yummy but I have never put horseradish in,will have to try it,I have added lemon zest too sometimeds,I use celery sticks or bread sticks if I am being really good instead of bread, also pipe into halved cherry tomatoes for a party nibble x Dawn

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