Moving On


It’s eight years since we last moved and, as I’m beginning to remember, house moves are a project of epic proportions.  Our actual move date is tentatively set for 6th January, and (fingers crossed, touch wood, etc etc), we have agreed a sale on our own house, so hopefully this will proceed smoothly.   Being married to an estate agent means I am very aware that some 30% of agreed sales fall through in the UK – so I am praying this one doesn’t.

Last week I had a local removal company round to give me a quote.  ‘You have a lot of stuff’ he said, as we walked around the house and garden and I pointed out what was coming with us and what was staying.  Which somewhat upset my minimalist pretensions.

Then he looked in the loft, and said softly ‘Bloody hell’, in tones of awe and wonder.  Presumably at the amount of stuff.  I couldn’t say for certain, as I’ve never been in the loft!  Though I believe it is rather full.

This was shortly before he told me ‘my blokes aren’t allowed in lofts, love – ‘elf and safety, you know, so you’ll have to empty the loft yourselves’.  Marvellous.  (And it would go some way to explaining why, when we’ve bought properties in the past, we’ve often found all manner of interesting stuff in lofts).

The upshot of the removal quote was that it is going to cost an arm and a leg, and will be a three day job!!!!  Starting on 2nd Jan with packing, some removals on the 3rd Jan and the final push on the 6th.  And what’s more, Ashley informed me over the weekend, that he’s set the date for the opening of a new branch of his company on the SAME DAY AS OUR MOVE.  As you can imagine, I was less than impressed.

Challenging times.

It’s a good job I like a project, isn’t it?  My house move notebook has a ‘to do’ list that is already pages long.  I’m decluttering like a loony; bags are going to the charity shop on a daily basis; I’m selling all sorts of stuff on eBay, and trying to keep up with everything else at the same time.

Christmas is a mere inconvenience in the middle of it all, which I could well do without, to be honest.  I did all my Christmas shopping on the internet a couple of weeks ago, and now just need to wrap it all up.

In between all this frantic activity, I’ve hardly had time to be excited about the new house – we actually sat down and looked at all the photos again  yesterday, and it did remind me how much I’m looking forward to living there.

Right, I must be off – I’ve got a to do list as long as my arm ……


12 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. I am sure that with your organisational skills it will all go well but I would be very annoyed that Ashley was opening his new agency on the same day. In other words he won´t be around to help, I assume.

  2. Well don’t I feel better about the things I need to get done by the end of the year now I’ve heard your to do list. I think sometimes it works better when you ‘have’ to do something and you’ve a deadline that just can’t move.

    I think I should get off the laptop and out of bed and crack on with my list, I have no excuses!


  3. Never knew that about lofts but over here very few people use them for ‘storage’ like the UK. Once had removal men who arrived with the words; “You live on a HILL! No one told me you lived on a HILL!” It was more of a slope but still.
    If you feel minimalist now you will even more so when you’ve decluttered I bet! A house move always makes you go through your stuff a bit more I find.
    Do you have a drive through charity shop drop off? Being lazy America we do and I am on first name terms with the bloke who works there. I am there that often!!

  4. Yup, have heard the ‘removal men don’t do lofts’ spiel several times – which is always a bit of a b*gger for us as P inevitably has the loft crammed to the rafters with all manner of ‘essential’ items that he can’t bear to part with. Luckily for me my dodgy hip prevents me from getting up to the loft to help when we move house.

    I always find a house move very useful for clearing the crap, and, believe me, I always have plenty of crap to clear. I’m now determined not to fill this house with all manner of non-essential clutter and am aiming to get rid of everything surplus to requirements before we move again. P, on the other hand, never parts with a thing, house move or not!! You would not believe some of the utter rubbish of his I had to chuck out (without his knowledge) last time we moved.

  5. Ha ha!!! for the last 8 moves we have let the removal company pack everything for us. That way if anything breaks in transit it is covered by their insurance. We didn’t know that before and we packed everything and lots was broken. We packed it so apparently this was our fault.

    Make sure they over estimate by 2 wardrobe boxes. as they seem to scrimp on those. then you can just pick them up off the rail and put them into your new WALK IN WARDROBE!!! OMG! no ironing

    I am also clearing and chucking as we go at the moment. ready for our next move next year. House number 14. I am staying for longer than 2 years this time…

    • We had Bishops Move moving us to Spain. They packed us up and were so slow we ended up not moving out until 6pm. We had the new people sitting outside our house with their van for hours. We ended up paying them for the delay. Bishops Move also lost stuff and we had breakages. Didn’t. get a penny compensation.

      • I used to supply temp staff to Bishops Move years ago when I was in recruitment. They relied really heavily on untrained, inexperienced temp staff, so I’m not surprised to hear that story.

  6. Sounds daunting, we haven’t moved for 20+ years but I still remember what hard work it was. Moving into that gorgeous house must be so motivating and what a great start to the new year. Onwards and upwards.

  7. Health and safety gone mad ! I do hope all goes well with the move, they are always stressfull, I hope it goes well, can’t wait to see what you do with youe new home x

  8. Good luck! I’ve never heard that about lofts and I’m sure my removal men moved trunks out of mine. I certainly didn’t! I also had removal men in the house for three days, even though I was moving to a much smaller property. It was my books 🙂 The men were terribly kind to me; I hope your chaps turn out to be as nice. You seem to be brilliantly well organised for it all.

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