Reading & Watching Wednesday

A post with few words today.

I’m reading this.



It’s just OK.  Readable, but not one I’d particularly recommend.



And I’m watching, or rather, I’ve watched, this – The Face.  TV modelling contest with three supermodel mentors and first prize of being the Face of Max Factor.  I was interested that Naomi Campbell, though very blunt, came across as very human and down to earth, and had a tear in her eye more than once.  Unlike the other two mentors, who were both pretty hard-faced throughout the whole thing.


8 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. Just finished Lianne Moriaty My Husband´s Secret – excellent with a real twist. Loved it.
    Watched Last Tango in Halifax and felt a little let down. Felt it was trying too hard and too much yap. Watching In the Jungle purely because of Matthew Wright. Great fun.

    • Matthew Wright is a bit of a wus, isn’t he? Don’t know why some of these people go out there, really. Oh hang on, yes I do, it’s to raise their ‘celebrity profile’!! Have bought The Husband’s Secret – seen lots of good reviews, am looking forward to starting it.

  2. Not sure I’d read Terri Irwin’s book either – I know the were a larger than life family but since Steve died it seems more apparent than ever. Not sour grapes and I’m Not saying they didn’t have a loving marriage but publicity certainly is the name of the game now- even the little one is in on it now
    Wednesday must be book day – lots of memes out there today – even on my blog lol
    Take care

  3. I watched the first couple of episodes of The Face but couldn’t really warm to it but I agree with you it’s done wonders for Naomi Campbells profile, she comes across far better than I expected. Did you see her on Jonathon Ross? She was great on that.

    A film to add to your watch list is Captain Phillips; I saw it the other night and it’s great.


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