Friday 5: Cheap & Easy Things I Should Do More To Enhance My Life

1.   Paint My Nails


I have a box FULL of nail polish of all the colours of the rainbow.  I love the look of my nails when they are painted, and it takes no time at all and is easy to do in front of the TV.  I must make an effort to do this more often.

2.   Crochet



I haven’t picked up my hook for months now, and I really miss it.  I have a Pinterest board full of fab crochet projects I want to try, and a cupboard full of yarn.  Really MUST find some time to start hooking (so to speak) again.

3.   Become Better Acquainted With My New Bed



Considering that we spend a third of our lives in bed, most of us don’t change our bed/mattress nearly often enough.  Having had our old one 8 years, the mattress had started sagging a bit (it was a cheapish eBay buy when we moved into this house) and it was giving me backache when I woke up every morning, so the time had come for a new one, and we spent a what felt like the equivalent of a small African nation’s national debt on this lovely new bed, which was delivered last week.  I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn every morning recently, and I’m looking forward to a lovely lie-in tomorrow morning as it’s the weekend.  I may even spend the whole morning in bed with the newspapers.  Now I’ve just got to try and persuade Will to make me breakfast in bed …!

4.   Spend More Time Outside


I’ve been out for a brisk hour’s walk with a friend on two afternoons this week, and it has been so nice to enjoy the crisp autumnal weather and scenery, and get some fresh air.  It’s also a great cure for my usual mid-afternoon slump.  Must do it more often.

5.   Have Proper Coffee Breaks


Although I always plan to sit down for 10 minutes mid-morning and enjoy a cuppa, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done, and I probably manage to do so about once a fortnight.  I’m going to make a big effort to force myself to stop, sit down and read a magazine or a book while I enjoy my coffee every morning next week.


What easy little things would you like to make your life better?


6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Cheap & Easy Things I Should Do More To Enhance My Life

  1. Everyone thought we were mad when we bought our bed. I love it. If we have to buy a small house, I will have only the bed in the bedroom. I don’t c refuse to get rid of our superking bed. it stay! I love it

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