50 Foodie Things To Do Before You Die

I’ve seen this list doing the rounds over the last few months, so I thought I’d give it a go as well – what with food being one of my favourite hobbies! (Can food be a hobby?  Is that a bit wrong?)

1. Take-away with posh plonk – I’m not a massive lover of posh wine (any old cheap crap does me fine, as a rule of thumb – as long as it’s not Chardonnay), but I do love a nice bottle of champagne.  Chinese takeaway and Veuve Clicquot?  Oh yes.

2. Afternoon tea at Betty’s No – I’ve never even been to Yorkshire, I don’t think.  But I’d love to.

3. Fresh British asparagus.  Yes. Oh, how I love asparagus.  Weird how it makes your wee smell, though, isn’t it?

4. Marinated barbecue lamb.  Yes.

5. Beluga caviar.  Caviar, yes, Beluga caviar, no.  Does nothing for me at all.

6. Bread and butter pudding.  Yes.  I’m not a huge fan, really.  Reminds me of school dinners, all that stodge.

7. Breakfast at the Wolseley.  No, but it’s another one I’d like to try.

8. Catching and cooking a mackerel on the beach.  No.  Am a bit funny about fish out of water.  Prefer mine on a plate without the head, than fresh out of the sea and needing me to gut it.   Call me picky.

9. Dining at Chez Panisse, California.  Never even heard of it.  *Scuttles off to Google it*

10. Chocolate fondant pudding.  Ooooh yes.  Remember a particularly nice one at John Burton Race’s restaurant in Dartmouth, The New Angel, a few years ago.

11. Eating a hotdog at a baseball game.  No.  Not an experience I feel I can’t live without, so I won’t be adding this to my ‘must do’ list.

12. Coffee and croissants at a Parisian café.  No – I’ve never even been to Paris, I’m ashamed to say.

13. Collecting and cooking fresh eggs – yes.

14. Cooking a curry from scratch.  Yes.  More times than I can count.

15. Cornish clotted cream.  Yes.

16. Crispy crackling.  Yes.  It’s surely the highlight of a joint of pork – such an uninteresting meat otherwise.

17. Curing raw fish at home.  Ashley did this years ago with a side of salmon and made gravadlax.  It was bloody delicious.

18. Dining at L’enclume.  ???  Off to Google again.

19. Dining at Racine.  Ditton above.

20. Fresh seafood by the sea.  Yes.  Without heads.   And on a plate.  Obviously.

21. Chocolate eclairs.  Yes.  More times than I should have done.

22. Woodland glade picnic.  Yes.  We used to have some great picnics in the New Forest when I was a kid.  Happy memories.

23. Set lunch menu at La Gavroche .  Another restaurant which is on my ‘must go to’ list.

24. Blackberry picking.  Yes.  Lots of times.  Don’t know why I bother,  I’m not a fan of blackberries

25. Greengages.  No.  You don’t really hear about greengages these days, do you?

26. Growing your own vegetables.  Yes.  Well, Ashley does, so that’s counted, isn’t it?!

27. Homemade mayonnaise.  Yes.  Hellmann’s is just as good as far as I’m concerned, though, and far less faff.

28. Baking your own bread.  Yes, but only with a machine.

29. Making your own soup.  Yes, all the time, specially at this time of  year.

30. Fresh honeycomb.  Yes, in Greece.  Was very chewy, and not something I’d particularly want to repeat.

31. Visiting Jemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech.  No.

32. Learning to joint a chicken.  No, but I have a husband who’s very good at it, so I leave that sort of thing to him!

33. Dining at the Walnut Tree, Abergavenny.  I’ve actually heard of this one, but never been there.

34. Making homemade ice cream.  We have a very expensive ice cream maker in the loft somewhere.  Had mixed results with it, must try again.

35. Making your own marmalade.  No.  I hate marmalade.

36. Early morning breakfast at Carnegie Deil (New York).  I wish.

37. Cooking a perfectly timed Sunday roast.  Yes, but I’m not a fan of cooking roast.  Ashley is the roast dinner expert in this house.

38. British ale with a scotch egg.  Love scotch eggs, but am not an ale drinker.

39. Guinness at the Stag’s Head, Dublin.  I’ve only ever once drunk Guinness, and that was at the Gresham in Dublin.  Does that count?  (I didn’t like the Guinness very much at a all, but the Gresham was great fun).

40. Pork pies.  A heart attack wrapped in pastry.  Honestly, is there anything that’s worse for you?  And I don’t even think they taste that good.

41. Dawn fry-up at Smithfield Market, London.  No.  Sounds a bit early for me.

42. Street food in Kuala Lumpur.  No, but I have eaten street food in Bangkok, Singapore (Newton’s Circus)  and Hong Kong.

43. Sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.  No.  I always think that sushi is one of those things that I should like, but I just don’t.  All that cold glutinous rice and bitter black nori.  Yuck.

44. Take away fish and chips.   Ohhhh yessss.  Will and I are planning fish and chips on Friday, as Ashley’s up in London for the night.  Looking forward to it.

45. Tapas at San Miguel Market, Madrid.  No, but have had lots of tapas in Barcelona.  Fab.

46. Dining at the Seahorse, Dartmouth.  We had a reservation on my birthday, back in August, but couldn’t get into Dartmouth due to the regatta and the road closures, so had to cancel.  Was disappointed.  Though substantially more well-off than I would have been, had I made it there for lunch!

47. Toasting a haggis with Scotch whisky.  Yes.  I’m not a fan of whisky, but made an exception when we were invited to Burns’ Night at Scottish friends’ a few years back.

48. Wild British strawberries.  Yep.  Pick three, eat one, pick three, eat one …!

49. International wine trail.  No.  Sounds good though.  Count me in!

50. Cooking chocolate cake with your children.  Yes.  It was messy.  He cooks by himself now, but I still have to wash up!



2 thoughts on “50 Foodie Things To Do Before You Die

  1. Oh I liked this one.
    5. Caviar – cannot see what anyone sees in this, yuck.
    8. Catching mackerel – remember when the children were tinies taking them down to the sea front and catching a fish and all of us screaming as nobody could kill it.
    12. Cannot believe you haven´t been to Paris! All your travels but you have missed the city of love. Good and bad memories for me. Stayed as an exchange visit when I was thirteen just outside Paris and hated the French girl I was exchanging with. Bed when the sun went down was their motto. But also went there with my daughter for her birthday and had a wonderful time – cakes to die for.
    15. Clotted cream yes I love it to bits but it has to be Devon!
    21. Chocolate eclairs – yummy.
    25. Greengages – you still get them here in Spain but do you remember the big brown dessert gooseberries which you bit the top off and sucked the insides out?
    43. Sushi – glad it´s not just me – horrible stuff in the same bracket as caviar.
    44. Fish and chips can be so disappointing these days. Best memories are of 50 years ago and eating fish and chips from Babbacombe fish shop when they were wrapped in newspaper. Where do you get them from now?

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