Holiday Pics – Kurumba, Maldives

Only managed to get my holiday photos uploaded and sorted over the weekend, so here is the edited version of our fabulous trip to the Maldives, for those of you (like me) who enjoy other people’s holiday pics.  If you don’t, feel free to ignore – I shan’t be offended!



Our favourite spot to relax with a pre-lunch drink.


Unicorn fish – we used to feed them bits of bread and banana from the jetty, and they would turn on their sides and look up at you.  Amazing.


I do love a palm tree that grows like this.

IMG_1128Pool fun and games.

IMG_1152Dinner at the Chinese restaurant – there were seven restaurants at our resort, and they were all great.

IMG_1175My nephew Sam – jumping for joy.


Our beachfront accommodation.


Yes, that’s me, being pulled along on an inflatable thing by a speedboat.  It was very fast and gave me shocking whiplash – couldn’t turn my head the next day!  Great fun, though.


… though I did need some assistance to get out again!


So many picture postcard views.

IMG_1238I was very impressed with this ‘two-headed mummy’ Halloween costume my sis-in-law produced when the kids needed to dress up for the Kids’ Club Halloween party.  Ashley was less impressed, however, when he needed to go to the loo later on and there was no toilet paper!!


Such pretty pathways around the island.


My favourite shot of the holiday.


Mum & Dad belting out Lady In Red in the karaoke bar – ably assisted by my brother, who loves getting hold of a microphone!


A couple got married at the end of this little jetty one evening at sunset.


Relaxing after dinner – I need one of these day bed thingies in my new house!


William’s first ever go at water skiing – he was really good!


Look, one hand!  My brother.  Not his first ever go at waterskiing!


Doesn’t this just make you want to be there?  It does me.


Obligatory group shot.


My boy.  All grown up.


Maldivian sunset.

If you’re still reading, well done on getting to the end!

On another note entirely, remember the book giveaway I did before I went away?  The winner was Tracey from A Patchwork Parent.  I’ve emailed you, Tracey, please let me have your address details and I’ll get the book off to you very soon.


8 thoughts on “Holiday Pics – Kurumba, Maldives

  1. Amazing pictures. you know I love a holiday post. What a lovely place to have stayed.

    You could get one of those beds for one of the terraces at the new house from the pictures you showed. ohhh how exciting. cant wait to see how you decorate…!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow Caroline, just stunning! Love that beautiful blue, you really can’t beat it, and looks like everyone had a ball ! Keep thinking about the 7 restaurants…

    Very excited about my book win! Sorry I haven’t got back to you, I’ve been bad at checking that email account. Will get onto it this minute! x

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