Sunday Car Booty

I don’t know how long it is since I’ve done one of these posts, but I’m guessing it’s almost a couple of months!  Can’t believe I haven’t been to a boot sale in that long.  And this morning’s didn’t disappoint – it was much bigger than normal for this time of year, which was surprising considering the weather forecast.

Anyway, enough of my waffling – you no doubt want to see what I bought, don’t you?


Sanctuary Spa giftset £2, Body Shop Chocomania (these products smell JUST like chocolate – really weird)  giftset, £1.


Lovely Next multi-coloured envelope clutch bag £2, Animal shoulder bag, new, £1.50


I was really pleased to find these – I’ve been wanting to try Liz Earle products for ages, having read about them on many blogs over the years – and I paid £4 for this little lot.


Clockwise from top left: new Next wedges £1, Fila hi-tops £2, Clarks shoe boots £2, black leather flats £2, brand new Next two tone heels £1.


White Company Orange & Vetiver body lotion (smells divine) £1.50, kids’ Converse (need a good clean), £2.

I tried to be a bit sensible and not buy too much, as we’re going to be moving house soon, but I didn’t really manage it.  And we won’t mention the two large carrier bags of charity shop bargains I came home with on Thursday, either.  Distinct lack of willpower.

A new little feature that I’ve decided to add to my car boot posts:  Multiple Spot of the Week.  As regular car-booters will know, there a products that crop up again and again at car boot sales, so I decided to choose one of these products each time I go to a car boot and see how many I can spot for sale.

This’s week’s multiple spot was …. foot spas!  I saw four different ones for sale today.  I remember having one myself about 15 years ago, and using it about half a dozen times before … yes, you’ve guessed it – selling it at a car boot sale!  While they seem like a good idea at the time, they are bulky and difficult to store, and (was this just me?) always seemed to involved water spillage all over the place whenever used.

Right, I’m off for a sausage sandwich.  Hope everybody’s Sunday is a good ‘un. x


12 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I had wondered if the booting would stop until you moved, should have known. Why stop when you can find wonderful bargains. I’ve been a Liz Earle fan for years, her stuff is really good, and vetiver is one of my favourite smells, its quite hard to come by. Well done.

  2. Of course we want to know what you bought! I love these posts and thank you for writing them.

    I’ve been lucky at the market for the past two weeks but the posts are friends’ locked for other reasons. After moaning that round here people never sell clothes as cheaply as they do where you live, I actually got four good shirts for a pound each. Going every week pays off.

  3. I really enjoy these posts because I gave up garage ‘sailing’ years ago – (no boot sales here) – now I’m giving my stuff away rather than filling the house with more lol
    How will you be fixed for sales at the new house?

  4. The Next two tone heels are lovely.
    I like the chocolate gift set, I’d be using that as the starting point for another chocolate themed gift like I did for my friend back in Feb, a bottle of chocolate wine and a couple of bars of choccy and someone will be very happy this Christmas.
    Lisa x

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