Shoe La La!



No Sunday Car Booty again, I’m afraid – it was pouring with rain this morning, and although the car boot sale would have been undercover in the multi-storey car park, I was far too lazy to drag my arse out of bed, having had a late and boozy one last night.

So a shoe post, instead – thrifted shoes, though, in the spirit of Sunday Car Booty.

Photo 03-03-2013 10 40 49


I’ve worn these red ballet flats to death since getting them last winter – and although they’re not leather, they’ve lasted really well.  The soles are quite worn now, though, so I don’t know how much longer they’ll go on for.

Photo 30-09-2013 16 43 48


I bought these M&S Limited Collection heels from a car boot sale in May 2012, for the princely sum of £2 (how useful my blog is for reminding myself of such things!).  I hadn’t worn them much until recently, when I took them on holiday to Greece.  They are far lighter in colour than they look in my rubbish pics, more beige than brown, so they are the perfect neutral shade to go with almost everything, and I wore them almost every evening.  They are pleasingly comfy, as well.



And just because it’s Sunday, I thought you might like to see this faux fur coat by Edina Ronay that I picked up in a charity shop earlier this week for £1.99.  Too small for me, sadly, but what a fab find!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend, one and all, and have a great week.



4 thoughts on “Shoe La La!

  1. Lovely red shoes……I have real difficulty in finding shoes that are comfortable and tend to live in sandals (lucky I live in the sun) and boots. I have very long toes and these low front shoes give me a bad case of toe cleavage.

  2. Love the red ballet flats, what a bargain, I had some from M and S ….ouch they kill my toes, love the coat too, love seeing what you manage to find in charity shops ! x Dawn

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