Internet Dating

I had lunch with a friend who I hadn’t seen for ages yesterday, whose husband died of a brain tumour 18 months ago.  She was telling me that although she often feels lonely, she’s not sure she’s ready to dip her toe back into the dating game yet  (she’s in her mid-40s), and she said that the thought of internet dating fills her with absolute horror.

Which reminded me of something that happened recently, so I told her the following story, and we had a giggle about it.

I do some online work testing and reviewing websites and apps, and recently one of the jobs I picked up involved testing an internet dating site.

I had never been on an internet dating website before, so I was quite interested in seeing how it all worked, and didn’t really have any preconceptions about it.  Anyway, this particular job involved setting up a (false) profile, and then searching for potential partners in my local area.

I set up the profile, fiddled about with the search demographics, and eventually came up with a lengthy selection of local gents to take my pick from.  Imagine my surprise when out of the first page of about 20 results , two of them were people I actually know in real life, both of whom are, as far as I’m aware, ‘happily married’.

Oddly enough(!), neither of their online profiles mentioned this.



10 thoughts on “Internet Dating

    • No – they’re not people that I know well enough – just acquaintances, people I know through other people type of thing. But if it had been a friend’s husband, yes, I think I would say something to the friend – I’d feel morally obliged to, I think.

  1. That’s brilliant but what little shits. Will you be able to look them in the eye again? Many years ago a friend met her future husband via internet dating and had many happy years together before her battle against cancer failed. So I say go for it. If nothing else it gets you out of the house and you may meet a few new friends.

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