Second Hand News

I’ve been decluttering and tidying since I got back from holiday and I was going through my clothes yesterday, thinking about putting away summer stuff and getting some winter stuff out.  Although, with temperatures still reaching almost 20C, I haven’t felt the need to switch the central heating on at all so far this autumn, or indeed wear a coat.   Anyway, it struck me as I was flicking through my (overfull) wardrobe, how many of my clothes and shoes are second hand – I reckon at least half.

And as I got dressed this morning I worked out that the total cost of my whole outfit, including shoes, was less than £20!

Photo 09-10-2013 08 50 20


‘Scuse the ridiculous cheesy grin.

Brown patent Clarks shoes – £3 car boot sale

George at Asda jeans – £10 new

Black blue and orange spotty Tu at Sainsburys top – £1.50 car boot sale

Orange Windsmoor cardi – £1.99 charity shop

Grand total £16.50.

I know some people are weird about wearing other people’s clothes or shoes, but after a wash/clean/polish, most of what I buy is as good as new, so what’s not to like?  And I can buy far more at these prices than I could at full retail price, which as far as I’m concerned is even better.

And what’s more, buying second hand is saving the planet.   Although I’ve probably got a lot of second hand buying yet to do to offset my Range Rover’s carbon footprint!

I don’t have a problem buying retail sometimes, though, particularly for a well-made, classic item which will last me a long time – and I recently spent almost £100 (birthday money from my parents back in August) on these beautiful black leather knee high boots, which I’m delighted with.



Now I just need the weather to turn so it’s cold enough to warrant wearing them!




10 thoughts on “Second Hand News

  1. I love boots. I saw a beautiful pair of red shoe boots today made in Spain with the softest leather for 100 euros. So tempted but I want so many other things.

  2. I have no problem with second hand either, £16.50…bargain! I am in LOVE with those boots they are bootilicious! I have been feeling the cold as I have been under the weather but today I am really cold, not got the heating on yet but I think we might have to give in ! x Dawn

  3. Lovely to see you! I love totting up the cost of my outfit in my head and cackling to myself. I haven’t bought a new pair of boots for years, thanks to extravagant fashionistas selling their cast offs for pence at the boot sale. xxx

  4. wow that is a super saving. I love the shoes and the cardi. Unfortunately I am too short for knee high boots. But they look lovely.

    I love your hair by the way.

  5. I’m with you on this one.
    Me, my mum and my sister regularly tot up what we are wearing when we get together, I’m glad someone takes as much pleasure in this as we do!

  6. Well done you! I also love totting up the price I paid for an outfit and then working out how much it would have been at shop prices, that’s quite a shocker sometimes! Love the orange cardi too, I’m really into browns and oranges these days.

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