Sunday Car Booty

Coldish this morning, but an amazing sunrise, which made up for dragging myself out of bed at 6.30.

I’m trying not to buy too much at the moment, just on the off-chance that we do end up moving, but as this morning’s car boot sale was the last one I shall be going to for a few weeks (weekend away en famille next weekend, then two weekends on hol in Greece), I couldn’t resist the lure!

Here are today’s purchases:



New Look brand new wedges 50p, M&S Portfolio brand new flats £2, Green suede M&S  kitten heels £1, Clarks flat boots £2.

IMG_0814Cute Radley purse £2




So pleased with this – it’s an absolutely huge heavy tome of a book, by Heston Blumenthal.  Not my cup of tea at all, but Ashley will love it.  It retails for over £100 (ridiculously), and I paid £20 for it.  It’s in pristine condition and so I swallowed my horror at paying so much for something at a car boot sale, and handed over the £20 note.  A quick glance at what it sells for on eBay and Amazon have calmed me down a bit!



Two mini Sanctuary products 15p each.  Yankee Candle, which smells heavenly, 50p.



Now shabby chic is not my normal style at all, but there was just something about this that caught my eye.  I love individual flowers in vases, so I’ll probably end up taking the little mini milk style bottles out of the baskety thing and using them for that.  I paid £1.50.



Kids’ Clarks shoes 50p


Vintage gents’ Tootal dressing gown £3.20 (she drove a hard bargain!)

Right, I’m off to get a wash on in the hope I can dry it outside before it starts raining, as forecast, around lunchtime.  Enjoy your Sunday, everybody! x




5 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Another great haul! I’d have bought those milk bottles for sure.
    A chap at the market yesterday was offering a lot of Yankee candles but the prices were too high to be considered a bargain, so I didn’t buy. He wasn’t the type to haggle with. Your candle was a good buy!

  2. Love that Radley purse – I’m a sucker for anything Radley – and at £2 that’s a brilliant bargain. Love the vintage Tootal dressing gown too. I’ve sold a few of those in the past on ebay and they always seem to sell really well.

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