Thoughtful Thursday

I wasn’t having a great day today.  An issue has arisen around our house purchase which means we’ve had to take a tough decision which may very well mean losing the house.  We’ve had to go with our heads rather than our hearts, and while I know absolutely that we’ve done the right thing, I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself all day.

Then I watched this video, which I bookmarked ages ago to come back to when I had a quiet ten minutes to watch it.

And, though it made me cry, it gave me the kick up the arse I needed to stop feeling so miserable over a bloody house.

Watch it and weep, people.


9 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. So sorry Caroline, must be really tough, it sounded just right – praying there’s still a glimmer of hope?
    Have just cried buckets watching the video, not a pretty sight as I’ve a streaming cold! Very powerful piece.

  2. sob ! watching my darling Grandson battle with cerebal palsy, epilepsy and hermaplegia every day also makes me think I have no rights to feel sorry for myself. It must be heartbreaking knowing how much you wanted the house but perhaps things happen for a reason, and another beautiful home is waiting for you somewhere, chin up xx

  3. House buying is an absolute nightmare at times. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had to make a tough choice. It could, however, open up a new opportunity in a few months time that will be perfect. Don’t dwell on it too much …. some things are meant to happen.

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