Reading & Watching Wednesday



I’m just at the very end of this book, which has some absolutely laugh-out-loud moments, but isn’t quite as good as some of her earlier books – her last one, Comfort & Joy, about the same characters, was absolutely brilliant.

Next up is a pre-publication review copy of this:



In the style of Dick Francis, apparently, who I’ve never read, so this’ll be a whole new experience for me.

Last night, I took myself off to the cinema to see the new Richard Curtis (Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Love Actually) film:



It was a LOVELY movie, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, though there weren’t as many truly comic moments as some of the above-mentioned films, it was a really lovely, girly couple of hours.  Recommended for anybody needing a mid-week pick-me-up or a reminder about how great it is to be alive.  Go and see it.

It’s been a bit of chaotic week here so far, as we have decorators in giving the house a pre-sale spruce up – it’s all looking a lot better, but I’ve had enough of the disruption now, so I’m glad today is their last day.  I need to get down to some serious before-move decluttering – although the new house is so big that I’m almost tempted just to take everything with me, as there’s so much more space!



10 thoughts on “Reading & Watching Wednesday

  1. Just finished J K Rowlings new crime novel the Cuckoo something or other. Decent characters but the story didn’t grab me. Preferred the Casual Vacancy.

  2. I shall add that IK one to my amazon wish list.
    Although I have seen the new RC movie advertised I haven’t seen a review yet, thanks for yours.
    Good luck with the delcuttering!

  3. We were going to see About time if the weather was iffy on our break away, I have to see it, I love Richard Curtis movies, I have read some great reviews, I have yet to be brave enough to go to the cinema alone, good luck with the house xx

  4. ohh a nice film by the sounds of it.

    I like India Knight books so will have a read of this one.

    Good luck with the decorating. I cant wait to see the new house. I am noisy sod! lol

  5. I really enjoyed ‘Comfort and Joy’ and I have this book so will get around to reading it sooner rather than later…. have had more UK than US novels recently. Will also keep tabs on how you rate the AR copy.
    I normally love Richard Curtis movies but that doesn’t come out here until November from what I can gather…… (not actually that far off when you think about it!)

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