Friday 5: Links I’ve Liked This Week



1.     As you can imagine, I’ve been trawling the web for inspiration for my new house, and I loved this pictorial article entitled ‘36 Things You Obviously Need in Your New Home‘.  Although the majority are beyond the realms of my reality, I do really like the bathroom star lights, and the glass encased fireplace.  Food for thought …

2.   Balloon bud vases.  A cute craft idea so simple that even somebody as hopeless as me might make a success of it.

3.   It’s so nice to know that I am not alone in my total hopelessness at baking.  ‘21 People Who Prove Your Baking Could be Worse‘.  This did make me giggle.

4.   How To Make A Wasp Deterrent.  Very timely, this one, as there are hundreds of the little buggers around at the moment.  And anything that finds a use for something that’s normally relegated to the bin gets my vote.

5.   When inspiration runs low, it’s always nice to have a few ideas tucked away up your sleeve.  Fifty Things To Blog About.



3 thoughts on “Friday 5: Links I’ve Liked This Week

  1. (First time commenter)

    OMG! I have one of the things on the “things you obviously need for your new home” list…sadly not one of the amazing pools or the outrageous things, but I do have a “fridge enveloping pantry”. Moved to this house four years ago & re-did the kitchen shortly afterwards, putting pull out pantry cupboards either side of & a cupboard above our fridge freezer, which looks just like the one in the picture. Not sure if this makes me very cool, or very sad…maybe just lucky!

    Good luck with your move 🙂

    • Hi Jane – thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. I reckon it makes you pretty cool, the fridge enveloping pantry. As I get older, I really want a pantry to store all the extra tins and packets I stockpile when they’re on special offer, so I’m quite excited about having one in the new house.

  2. I would love the following on my house
    The fridge that is drawers
    The sleep over room, but I would use that as a cinema with all those bean bags
    The loft hammock, would remind me of sailing
    (I already have a half stained glass door)
    The library stairs (this is my favourite)
    The drying rack, that is really cool

    In reality, in our next house, I will settle for a good sized porch with storage for shoes and coats, I hate it being put on the bannister. And a utility room

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