Beauty – Empties

Time for another post of mini reviews of beauty products that I’ve finished – although I seem to have been doing more purchasing than finishing lately – more of that another time, though!



1.   Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter – I reviewed this here, so suffice to say that Body Shop Body Butters remain one of my favourite body moisturisers, and the raspberry one is divine!  Repurchase?  Absolutely (but not until I’ve reduced the mountain of body moisturisers in my stash!).

2.   Dove Roll-On Deodorant – not very exciting this one, but it’s become my preferred deodorant over the last 12 months, though I don’t have any particular preference between the fragrances – this one was watermelon.  I buy it when it’s on offer, which it quite often seems to be, either in Boots, Superdrug or supermarkets.  Repurchase?  Already have.

3. Boots Perfect & Protect Intense Day Cream – it’s taken me rather a long time to get to the bottom of this tub, but that’s not to say I don’t like it.  The texture and light fragrance are both pleasant, but the SPF of only 15 is a bit low, and prefer a face product with a higher SPF, particularly during the summer months, these days.  Repurchase?  Possibly, but only for winter use.

4.  Aveda Rosemary & Mint Shampoo  – I think this must have been in a job lot of bits and bobs picked up at a car boot sale.  Didn’t like it at all, as rosemary and mint are amongst my most unfavourite fragrances for cosmetics (though I like them both in food!).  Repurchase?  A resounding no.



5.   Marks & Spencer Formula Skincare Ceramide Pro-Collagent Serum – this was a miniature in a giftset which I received for my birthday last year, and I was really impressed by it.  I really liked the texture, and it was absorbed super-quickly, which is always good when you need to put moisturiser on afterwards.  I’ve just checked out the reviews on the M&S website for this product, and they are excellent.  At only £9.50 for a full-size version, this is a definite repurchase for me.

6.   Boots Skin Kindly Gentle Cleansing Water – As you can see, this was a Boots sale bargain at only £1.  I’m a fan of the double-cleanse and this product is great for the first step of make-up removal, as well as being gentle on the skin.  Repurchase?  Probably, although I’ve had it so long I’ve no idea if it’s still on the market!

7.   Boots Extra Firm Hold Hairspray – I’ve tried many hairsprays over the years and they are all pretty much of a muchness as far as I’m concerned.  So these days I stick to the cheapy end of the hairspray market, and this one’s great value and comes in a variety of sizes.  This particular one is a travel size, and I always keep one in for going away as it’s much easier to transport than my normal huge one!  Repurchase?  Already have.



4 thoughts on “Beauty – Empties

  1. Very interesting especially as I have just completed a YouGov questionnaire about beauty and what influences you when buying products.

    Perhaps you can answer a question Caroline……the serum what actually does it do?

    I love body butters but have to be careful about using them in the summer here as perfumed ones do attract the mozzies.

    Would only use one deodorant and that is John Mitchell 24hrs, it is the only one that works for me.

    • I’ve no idea what the actual science is, but I guess like all skincare products, it’s designed to promote healthy, well-nourished skin, and hopefully keep those signs of aging at bay.

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